Chelsea Justine Mimms, a young and leading entrepreneur

Chelsea Justine Mimms, a young and leading entrepreneur

Chelsea Justine Mimms who hails from Ontario Canada is a 25-year-old entrepreneur. She completed her education in Bachelor of Arts – French Studies and is now an influencer who has a large following. She has 17,000 YouTube subscribers 47,000 Instagram followers. Besides, content creating she is fond of travelling, spending time with family and documenting those moments on her channel every now and then. She is married to her high school sweetheart, who is also a part of the social media world, and is a new mother of a beautiful baby girl.

What it takes to be an influencer

The path as a social media influencer has been very extensive for Chelsea. There has been a lot of dynamicity in her career overtime to get her to this point. In the beginning, she started with very vague clarity about how to kick-off, but she was firm that she had a passion for creating. At first, she shared this with only her close friends, and about four years later decided to be open about it and posted to her Instagram about her YouTube channel. When she started her content was based around beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics. It is still based around those pillars but with a touch of self-love, self-care and kindness. She also enjoys talking about her growth, tips and lessons learned. It was hard for Chelsea starting out. YouTube wasn’t a career at the time and nobody shared their “secrets” on how to do it. Chelsea wants others to be able to learn from her experience and be able to give this career a shot as well. As her school work became more time consuming she spent more time on Instagram rather than YouTube however, now that she has more time she is able to focus on both. She mentioned for her Instagram is a quick and easy way to share her ideas and connect with her followers where as YouTube is more formatted and the editing process more time consuming.

How things took a turn for Chelsea after becoming a mother

Now that she has become a mother, she is quickly becoming a “mommy blogger”. “I can feel the overwhelming amount of love and know that things are only going up from here. Being somewhat trendy and also being a mom is so fun and allows me to make content I enjoy while also sharing some amazing tips for my fellow mamas, soon to be or individuals who love family content”, Chelsea stated. Her content has always been a reflection of her life and this is no exception, she plans to share lots about parenthood as well as keeping up with selfcare tips. Chelsea is still very active on both Instagram and YouTube to this day and has some exciting plans for the year ahead. 

Here is what Chelsea looks forward to

Her passion besides content creating is helping others, travel, and fashion. Chelsea will continue to share her knowledge on social media in hopes to inspire, help or entertain someone else. She loves making YouTube videos and creating content around fashion, self-care, and vlogging. She has been very active on both Instagram and YouTube up to this day and has some exciting plans for the year ahead to reach a vast audience and positively shape their lives in every and any way possible.

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