Chicago’s Very Own Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah Opens Up On E.P. Release ‘My Dreams And Nightmares’

Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah’s come up as an artist has been an easy one. Growing up on the south side of Chicago meant the creative was deeply in the action and always around guns and violence. The artist has paved a way for himself as an artist and is currently signed to Bentley Records, a world-renowned record label out of New York City.

Although it is up for debate, one of Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah’s best projects to date is his E.P. titled ‘My Dreams And Nightmares’. The 5 song extended play features a wide variety of different types of music. While only 17 minutes long in run time, Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah still gives us a better idea of what his life has looked like up to this point. With melodic choruses, hard hitting trap beats, versatile flows, and honest lyrics, the creative takes us inside of his shoes. Throughout the E.P. Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah’s friends give messages from their experience as well, adding a unique element to the overall vibe of the project.

Real Talk says he plans to release new music soon including a single this summer titled ‘Still The King’. Real Talk said he is also working on another E.P. as well. “The song is about me letting people know no matter how much popularity I gain, I am still the same determined and hungry musician, that is not to be messed with,” explained Real Talk.“I also am in the very beginning stages of working on my next EP, ‘Inside The Mind of a Mad Man’.”

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