Cleaning Your House the Right Way– Anthony Lapolla’s Drillbrush

Cleaning Your House the Right Way– Anthony Lapolla’s Drillbrush

A clean and fresh environment is essential for both physical and mental health. For decades, people have tried to search for easy solutions that could make their cleaning work simple. Whether it’s for the homes, offices, shops, hospitals, schools or the environment in general, research has shown that we can prevent approximately 80% to 90% of the deadly infections through proper cleaning. Several products and inventions have been revolutionary for human use when it comes to getting rid of bacteria and cleaning surfaces. 

We have come up with some of the most important cleaning tips that will make your life easier and get you the results you’ve been dreaming of for so long. 


Many people choose to mop directly before sweeping the floor. We can’t warn you against it enough. In fact, it helps to create mud on the floor and it doesn’t look clean. It is largely due to the agglomeration of dust on the floor, since the mop is not capable of removing it, but rather leaves it stuck to the floor. Therefore, it is advisable to pass a mop or a brush over the surface we are going to scrub much earlier.

It is important to remove all dirt particles dust residue from the floor and tile joints. A vacuum cleaner is very useful for this. Depending on the type of floor you have, you will need a soft broom or mop to avoid scratching the porcelain.

The ultimate trick to leave the floor shining

If you want to do a deep cleaning, you might consider rubbing the joints and edges of the tiles with a toothbrush and baking soda and vinegar. In a matter of seconds, you will make the floor of your house look shiny and neat, just like the first day you decided to move. Incredible, right? You can even automate this by using a Drillbrush Power Scrubber.


The methods people use for cleaning can determine how much healthy a place is. The tool and the equipment used for cleaning can play an integral role in making an area germ free, contaminants free and virus free. Different kinds of tools can be applied at different places like mops, industrial scrubbers, steam cleaners, jet cleaners, and high-pressure cleaners – the list is endless. Anthony LaPolla accidentally came up with a one stop cleaning solution called the Drillbrush Power Scrubber which is now used by millions of customers.


Gentle scrubbing materials such as the carpets and leather are mainly the places where bacteria and allergens can settle. This can risk a family’s health, increasing risks of cold and other diseases. These materials can also obstruct the airflow in an environment if not kept clean.

Anthony LaPolla’s company offers white soft brushes that can be applied for carpet, leather, upholstery and other gentle scrubbing materials. 

Tools you need to clean the floor

Normally we give a lot of importance to the products with which we mop the floor, but we do not pay attention to cleaning tools that are just as important. To scrub the floor correctly we must make sure we have the right tools.

Although the list can be endless, these are the basics you must have in your home to leave your floors clean:

Mop and bucket 

There are different types of mop so you should buy the one that best suits your type of floor. Ideally, you should have two mops, one to mop the floor and one to dry it. When you buy the bucket, choose those that have an accessory to squeeze the water easily.

Mop, Again

If your floor is delicate, it is better to use a mop than a broom – the mop is softer and does not damage the surface. Due to its shape, the mop reaches the most difficult corners, some are made with materials that attract dust. 

Broom and dustpan 

Brooms are useful for more resistant soils but you can buy a soft bristle broom that is less aggressive. The broom is the first step in mopping the floor because it collects accumulated dirt and dust.

Vacuum cleaner 

This appliance is very useful in the event that we have carpets or rugs since it removes dust with greater precision and depth than the broom. If your floor is delicate, it is recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner. Although we usually take longer when we use the vacuum cleaner, it is necessary for deeper cleaning. For those who find this task too tedious, there are vacuum robots. These are autonomous appliances that clean the house without us being there. It is a very useful solution if you are never at home.


Although we usually use old toothbrushes or nail brushes to clean the joints of the tiles, we can buy specific brushes to facilitate the task. This item is quite effective for joints in bathroom tiles where fungi can proliferate due to humidity.


Keeping a building’s interior clean is as important as keeping the exterior clean. The sidings of the buildings for example, if not kept clean can be home to mildew, mold, insects, fungi and bacteria. These harmful substances can deteriorate the exterior of the buildings and harm the environment health as well as human health. Washing of the sidings can help eliminate or reduce such substances leaving the environment healthier. Anthony LaPolla’s Red Stiff Brushes can help in the cleaning purposes of sidings, bricks, garage, gutters, and other general outdoor cleaning.

The interior tiles of a building should be maintained since tiles are exposed to unwanted particles, dust and dirt every day. Especially the bathroom tiles can get mold and mildew if not kept clean. It is also important to remove the pollutants and contaminants stuck on the glass surface of windows to save a building from deteriorating. The grime, dust and dirt settling on the windows must be cleaned otherwise the glass weakens and becomes susceptible to breaking. This can permanently damage glass windows and make them look dirty as it loses its opacity. 


There are different types of metal surfaces. Before using any cleaning tool for metal surfaces it is important to first understand what kind of a metal surface one is dealing with. The cooking utensils, for example, are made of sturdy stainless steel or metals that consist of irons – both of which do not cause health problems. Cleaning of cooking utensils like spoons, knives, tongs, and spatulas is necessary to help stop the bacteria from spreading to food.  

Anthony LaPolla’s medium density cordless power drill scrubber is applied to clean fiberglass showers, windows, steel, skillets, pans, cooking utensils of metal, tile, grout, linoleum, Porcelain, Bathrooms, Bathtubs, pools, hot tubs, cabinets, counters, stove and other general scrubbing materials. It has three inter-changeable medium brushes in yellow, green and blue colors that can prevent cross-contamination. 


The brickwork appearance can be destroyed by bad cleaning techniques or use of a harmful cleaning tool. It is necessary to use methods that reduce the problems associated with cleaning of brickworks. At times, the brick’s paint can leave green-yellow discoloration on the surface of the walls leaving it to look unattractive. Anthony LaPolla offers stiff brushes for this purpose. 

The stiff brushes can be applied for the cleaning of bricks, rusts, fireplaces, and loose paint walls. Hence, the stiff brush can help with the industrial cleaning and every harsh scrubbing application.


The Drillbrush Power Scrubber gained an immense consumer base because LaPolla introduced a product that could handle every small-scale cleaning to every large-scale cleaning. Even the corners and contouring can be done with the help of the cordless power drill. The product also offers different pads and pads kits used for small and deep scale cleaning jobs.