Collaboration of the famous Iranian composer Sadegh Azmand on the documentary Holy Bread at the Big Sky International fete.

Collaboration of the famous Iranian composer Sadegh Azmand on the documentary Holy Bread at the Big Sky International fete.

Among the ten finalists nominated for an Oscar

“Holy Bread” was produced by Touraj Aslani and music composed by Sadegh Azmand(Born 3, May, 1991 in Tehran). Nominated for the American Big Sky International fete

Mansour Jahani – The flick “Holy Bread” was Directed by Rahim Zabihi in Living Memory, Produced by Touraj Aslani, and Composed by Sadegh Azmand. Participated within the 18th International Academy of show Arts and Sciences Big Sky Competition recognized by the Oscars.

The documentary “Holy Bread”, the last work of the late Rahim Zabihi, composed by Sadegh Azmand and produced by Touraj Aslani, director of the experimental director of Iranian cinema; The 18th Big Sky International pic Festival within the u. s. is featured in its latest international exhibition within the competitive section of feature films on behalf of Iranian cinema mutually of the foremost important annual events of documentary cinema within the u. s.. World. and so the name of this work was approved by the Academy of Oscars among the ten finalists of this festival.

International distribution of this documentary is within the hands of “Gostar Gostar Elahe Parsi” (Eli Image) directed by Elahe Nobakht.

The 18th edition of the large Sky International film Festival, featuring 27 documentaries and 50 short documentaries by directors from around the world; thanks to the deadly coronavirus outbreak in Misula, Montana, USA, last year it has been held online from March 1-10 (February 19-28, 2021). This year, around 1800 works by documentary filmmakers from 86 countries were sent to the Secretariat of this film event.

The Big Sky International film Festival within the u. s. is one in every of the premier Oscar-sanctioned film events and thus the winning films of this prestigious film event are; you’re eligible to enter next year’s Oscars.

Holy Bread had its international premiere within the Medium Length Films competition of the 33rd Amsterdam International docudrama Festival – IDFA, held within European country on behalf of Iranian cinema.

International flick Festival Amsterdam – “IDFA” is the foremost prestigious picture festival within the globe, this year presents documentaries by directors from different countries, online and in physical form, in several competitive and non-competitive sections; Main Competition Section “Features”, Competition Section “Middle Films”, Competition Section “Student Documentaries”, Competition Section “Kids and Documentaries”, Competition Section Light, Non-Competition – Competition Section Spotlights and etc.

We criticized the music of this documentary. which we realized that even the music of this film is just about pretty much as good and excellent.

Undoubtedly, Sadegh Azmand is one in every of the simplest Iranian composers.

Azmand showed this along with his beautiful music and properties during this documentary.

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