Commitment and Persistence – Youmna Khoury’s Attributes for Success

Commitment and Persistence – Youmna Khoury’s Attributes for Success

Being an entrepreneur at such a young age is not an easy thing to do. However, Youmna Khoury does it all. But what is it that made her this successful? Do you want to know? Well then, read on! According to Youmna, being ambitious, committed, persistent, and always willing to learn new things, are the few notable attributes that have helped her in achieving this. Youmna further states that if it wasn’t for her commitment and persistence, she wouldn’t have this amount of success at such a young age.

Hailing from Lebanon, Youmna started her career by running her own outstanding salon business. She has always loved the world of fashion and beauty; whether it is to mix and match different outfits or come up with fin hairstyles, Youmna has always loved it all. She enjoys and loves the creative freedom that the field of fashion gives. While she was running her salon, Youmna realized that fashion was more than just wearing good clothes. It was about wearing good accessories too in order to pull the whole look together. Therefore, keeping this in mind, she started her own online business called Youmi Online Shop, where she sells her top three favorite fashion accessories: luxury lashes, contact lenses, and jaw dropping hair extensions!

Youmna’s online shop immediately gained a lot of success and she has happy clients all over the world. Youmna says that her determination and persistence to change her dreams into reality was what helped her become successful. Another one of Youmna’s attributes for success is that she is always willing to learn and broaden her horizons. Her clients’ opinions and suggestions matter to her a lot. Thus, she takes all criticism like a boss. Youmna has never taken the criticism she receives in a negative way. She always uses it to improve herself and become even better. Thus, resulting in even more success for her.

Persistence, commitments, a strong ambition and the will to learn more are all amazing qualities that Youmna possesses which helps her to become successful. Whether it is her online business or her instagram page with 574k followers, Youmna has always showcased amazing leadership qualities that are highly important for success. According to Youmna, starting somewhere is very important even if you start with something that is a very small scale business. However, the icing on the cake and something that will lead to your success is your own will power and the attributes that you possess.

Therefore, you need to ensure that whatever qualities you have are positive. In addition to this you must manifest positive energies around you. And just like Youmna says, be persistent, ambitious, committed and always willing to learn more, this attitude proved an asset for her and You must know that there is always room for improvement and the ability to learn more. Once you are well aware of this, you can be sure that it will lead you to the road of success. Make sure to make some positive changes in your life that will surely result in lots of success for you.