Influencer Gemma Walshe lets out the setbacks that she encountered to arrive at the doors of success

A courageous person who chooses to live an extraordinary dream life often runs on the track of obstacles. A few take this hindrance in a challenging way and flourish while others dodge them successfully. One person who does both flawlessly is a social media sensation, Gemma Walshe. This public figure is particularly leading the social media platforms with her peculiar personality.

Moving to the United States from the United Kingdom to pursue her graduation and unlock the door for new openings was a tough path to choose. But Gemma Walshe valued her dreams and passion more than anything. Aren’t we aware of the myriad of difficulties that are waiting at the threshold of an unfamiliar place?

Learning the local language, culture, places, meeting new people, etc. can be exhausting and troublesome. However, with time passing by, Gemma Walshe perceived everything that made her living easy. Even after having sleek and sexy body curves, the influencer had to overcome the ideal and stated elfin body figure that the modelling world prefers.

Gemma Walshe has always ratified the idea of self-love. And this brought new achievements in her life; appreciation from the viewers is one. She crossed the bridge that is made by her powerful determination and dedication. The influencer was so engrossed in making her dream life come true, that she didn’t have time to spend on the disheartening comments.

However, in recent years, Gemma Walshe has grown to be one of the stunning models. It was until now that her hourglass figure was being admired and applauded by the bountiful people. Being a plus-size model, the influencer confronted extreme and abundance of difficulty regarding her dress and wardrobe. Finding outfits that suited her personality brought sweat to Gemma’s brows. Thus she is planning to launch a clothing brand for every size and shape.

Gemma Walshe has also worked with a sprinkle of multinational brands like FashionNova, Boohoo, Pretty Little Things and Savage Fenty. All of this collaboration and her blooming Instagram with a crowd of 2.6 million had helped her to become victorious.


Luhanna Mostajo Debuts ‘Cloud 9’ EP

Influencer and model Luhanna Mostajo recently released a 3 song EP titled ‘Cloud 9’. Although the release came a surprise to many, it isn’t something to be surprised about.

Mostajo has always had a passion for music. Her busy day to day keeps her away from creating art, sometimes holding back her musical abilities. ‘Cloud 9’ gives us a small sample of what Mostajo has been working on. Each of the 3 tracks on the project offers a unique vibe, featuring a vocalist over Mostajo’s production

Luhanna Mostajo’s Instagram page has grown to over 300 thousand followers to date, only amassing more people day by day. It hasn’t been made clear whether or not new music will be released, but it did sound like Mostajo had a blast creating it with her friends.

You can listen to the artist here:

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FTF KD Drops Off “333”

FTF continues to improve his sound and it shows in his latest release 333 freestyle. The west Memphis native chooses the title “333” to symbolize the energy of change. The song features a catchy detroit-style beat with hard hitting 808s accompanied by FTF KD’s impressive flow. He manages to keep up with the beat for the entire song, lasting just under 3 minutes.

The song is accompanied by high quality visuals, showing to his fans that he’s ready to become one of the biggest artists in hip-hop. He is one of the most promising up and coming artists of 2021. He is creating his own lane of music and is bringing forth an everlasting style. We’re excited to watch where he goes from here, and if he keeps up the lyricism that he displayed in this song, we’re sure he’s off to great heights.

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Shamim Al Mamun is Emerging as one of the most Popular Musicial Artist

Shamim Al Mamun is emerging as one of the most popular Musical artists, Influencer and Digital Blogger , Entrepreneurs who has conquered his challenges, and achieved his goals. He is a proud entrepreneur who started working at the age of 14 when boys his age were usually involved in teenage affairs, he is making the most of his potential and he is working day and night to become what he is today.

Sacrificing her teens for a brighter future has worked for her and today she is the person behind promoting well-known brands and entrepreneurs on social media with her marketing skills.

Shamim Al Mamun has become the first choice of every brand for social media marketing.

The young influencer is now managing many international brands and clients. Asked about his success, Shamim said: “One must give up one’s leisure time and work hard to be able to reap the benefits later. Give 5 years of your time and do it as soon as you can because I believe this is the time that will help you immensely to establish yourself.

With a lot of recognized international clients and brands, he has established a huge network to promote the brands associated with him. Hard work, determination and sacrifice in life have made his dream come true and Shamim believes that he is a student and businessman at night. Achieving so much at this young age has turned young people today into a social Media Marketer .

Shamim al mamun has already been verified as the official artist of the international music platforms YouTube, TikTok and Spotify.

The epidemic situation in the country, it is not possible to work outside the home. If you want to work in a production company, you have to go there. So at the moment I think YouTube, Spotify and iTunes and all the streaming apps are the best media for publishing songs at home.

“Lastly, many thanks to Tiktok, YouTube and Spotify for verifying me as an artist to take my music one step further. Everyone will pray for me so that I can stay healthy and give you the gift of better music. There was a lot of love and blessings. ”

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Youtuber, influencer and Tiktok star Ayush yadav crossed 1 million on instagram

His understanding of social media platforms helped him leverage this new platform and embark upon this network as a man who now rules more than 164 million people on different social networking platforms

His romantic and funny short videos are very much liked by the people. Ayush is also getting a lot of love from people on social media, but hardly anyone knows how difficult it was for Ayush to reach here who is always smiling and laughing on the screen.

Ayush yadav, originally from Guna district, belongs to a lower middle class family. Ayush, who wanted to become an actor since childhood, had such a shortage of resources some 4-5 years ago that he had to seek the help of friends to make videos and upload them on social media. In the initial phase, Ayush used to work with his friends and acquaintances to make videos in some way.

At the same time, the circumstances of the house were not such that they would get a good environment for studies. Nor was the family capable enough to provide them with expensive higher education. The way to overcome all these complications was to work hard and go out to fulfill your dreams. Ayush also did the same. Worked hard and passed the 12th board with very good numbers.

He understood that for whatever he wanted to do, he would have to go out of the fold and go to Delhi.He enrolled in Delhi University on the basis of hard work and his marks. He continued to fight with challenges even while studying in college. He spent a lot of time doing small jobs along with studying in his spare time.

But along with all these troubles, his difficulties did not lessen. Families familiar with the stories of the struggles of the acting world also did not support him for the election of this region. It was also a big challenge to explain them, but Ayush took this risk and took the parents to believe in faith and got ready to make the dream come true.

There were many problems in the new city, but it was from here that his journey started and he started making small concept videos on social media. In this journey, Ayush also joined social media sensation Saloni Mittal. He made videos with Saloni, which got so much love from the people that his videos started trending under the name hashtag Sayu. After the initial struggle, there was a gradual response from the people and there was a time when Aayush got the silver play button from YouTube too.

This all has made him enter into the world of influencer on social media. Now, he helps individuals and groups to emerge upon as a brand in this tough competition using his popularity on social media platforms. His style and aura also have made him try his luck in the world of fashion as a model and actor.

Within no time, he was able to win the hearts of millions with his videos with his perfect comic timing and great sense of humor. His style statement, acting and the right blend of expressions and emotions made him popular. His videos allowed people to enjoy a good time on social media. Today, he has many followers on Instagram who have been following him only for his videos. These factors were enough to make him the star influencer in the social world.

Today Ayush yadav continues to be a star on social media . With 10 lakhs followers on Instagram and 7 lakh subscribers on youtube. Ayush yadav has become the inspiration of many youngsters these days.


“Beauty with Brain” Female Social media influencer and Youtuber Saloni Mittal’s Incredible Success Story

Saloni Mittal is the star YouTuber and influencer currently trending on the Internet. Her YouTube channel (Saloni Mittal) has received an overwhelming response from the audience. Every video is admired and appreciated by people from every corner of the world.

Saloni also loves to read the comments she receives from the people and she is thankful to everyone.
Saloni Mittal , a beautiful and talented actor has struggled a lot to follow her passion of becoming a YouTuber and influencer . She is truly an example of beauty with brains!

Since childhood, Saloni mittal was fascinated by the dazzling world of Bollywood. She was a “filmy keeda” inside out. She used to crack jokes, make everyone laugh, and always try to spread happiness all over. In the year 2020, Saloni joined the short video platform. She started giving complete attention to her content . For that, she also had worked late-night . She then realized her passion for acting.
Her parents were supportive of her every decision. She received total support from her parents in whatever work she wanted to do including learning new things, practices as well as academics. They were the true supporting pillars in her life. “My parents never forced me to choose a career instead they were supportive since day one,” Saloni proudly says.

Saloni mittal talked about her early life .Saloni was good in academics. She selected commerce during class 11th as she found interest in these subjects. For her graduation, Saloni selected to pursue Ca.
However, her interest in these subjects didn’t last for long.
she always wanted to do something creative. So she started her education in fine arts. So, after that she dropped everything and started her own brand under the name of Surprise Worlds, a fine arts business.
This was just a stepping stone for Saloni and she had no plans of stopping there. She used her newfound financial independence and real-world experience to support her dreams . After that she started modelling . Modelling is something that came naturally to her. Even though When she finally debuted as a professional model, Saloni took the industry by storm. Her natural beauty, both in body and mind shone through and has always kept pushing her forward. Even today, she claims it to be the reason for her constant growth both as a person and as a self-made successful woman.
During the lockdown, instead of picking up any unhealthy habits, Saloni decided to instead utilise her free time by taking to social media. Saloni discovered yet another passion of hers to entertain people, make them laugh by making funny contents . It was in her blood since childhood to make everyone smile.
It provided to be a very good way to expand her audience as well as helping her story encourage many young girls, something Saloni is very passionate about. She gain millions followers on social media in very less time. But Unfortunately, she faced a major medical scare in between and found half of her body and face paralysed. Doctors advised her to give up hope, but once again Saloni didn’t let others tell her what she could and couldn’t do. Slowly, she healed and once again returned to her work and her fans with full enthusiasm. Witnin 15 days, She crossed 1 lakh subscribers on youtube.
Saloni Mittal Has a lot to her personality apart from her career also. She is really fond of spending time with kids and she makes sure to visit NGOs where she can support them as well as make them happy by just giving them her company. According to her, the more you offer the more you get back. Dreams are very precious things to people and to achieve them is even more enthusiastic. It is her belief that there is no shortcut to life, Anything that comes easy also goes easy. hard way is the only way.

Asked about her incredible journey, saloni mittal says, “In the end, the only thing matters is the love for what you are doing. The important thing which generates the most adrenaline in your body is the only thing you should do in your life. I am truly in love with my life.


Commitment and Persistence – Youmna Khoury’s Attributes for Success

Being an entrepreneur at such a young age is not an easy thing to do. However, Youmna Khoury does it all. But what is it that made her this successful? Do you want to know? Well then, read on! According to Youmna, being ambitious, committed, persistent, and always willing to learn new things, are the few notable attributes that have helped her in achieving this. Youmna further states that if it wasn’t for her commitment and persistence, she wouldn’t have this amount of success at such a young age.

Hailing from Lebanon, Youmna started her career by running her own outstanding salon business. She has always loved the world of fashion and beauty; whether it is to mix and match different outfits or come up with fin hairstyles, Youmna has always loved it all. She enjoys and loves the creative freedom that the field of fashion gives. While she was running her salon, Youmna realized that fashion was more than just wearing good clothes. It was about wearing good accessories too in order to pull the whole look together. Therefore, keeping this in mind, she started her own online business called Youmi Online Shop, where she sells her top three favorite fashion accessories: luxury lashes, contact lenses, and jaw dropping hair extensions!

Youmna’s online shop immediately gained a lot of success and she has happy clients all over the world. Youmna says that her determination and persistence to change her dreams into reality was what helped her become successful. Another one of Youmna’s attributes for success is that she is always willing to learn and broaden her horizons. Her clients’ opinions and suggestions matter to her a lot. Thus, she takes all criticism like a boss. Youmna has never taken the criticism she receives in a negative way. She always uses it to improve herself and become even better. Thus, resulting in even more success for her.

Persistence, commitments, a strong ambition and the will to learn more are all amazing qualities that Youmna possesses which helps her to become successful. Whether it is her online business or her instagram page with 574k followers, Youmna has always showcased amazing leadership qualities that are highly important for success. According to Youmna, starting somewhere is very important even if you start with something that is a very small scale business. However, the icing on the cake and something that will lead to your success is your own will power and the attributes that you possess.

Therefore, you need to ensure that whatever qualities you have are positive. In addition to this you must manifest positive energies around you. And just like Youmna says, be persistent, ambitious, committed and always willing to learn more, this attitude proved an asset for her and You must know that there is always room for improvement and the ability to learn more. Once you are well aware of this, you can be sure that it will lead you to the road of success. Make sure to make some positive changes in your life that will surely result in lots of success for you.


Ranjot Singh Bisla

Today we are telling his life journey which he has created and is a big insperation for all of us.

He started his journey from a small platform and has secured a high level position by his achievements. He has done a lot of achievement in his journey but from it , the biggest one till now is that “HE WAS NOMINATED FOR 3 YEARS CONTINUOUSLY FROM GOOGLE FOR THE MOST VIEWED BLOG AND HAS ALSO RANKED IN SINGAPORE ” and from other side he is also a brand promoter of “ CALVINKLEIN”& “toni & guy ” and more others.

By this all he has not stoped but he worked harder and working for his success.


Kishmel Eagar – An Influencer who Thinks Beyond Everyone

Behind every brand or an influencer, is a highly experienced digital expert specialized in online marketing. Entrepreneur Kishmel Eagar is the man behind marketing company Entry Points Media which has helped many influencers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to grow on social media. From creating content to getting leads and prospects for businesses, and growing and scaling Instagram pages; Kishmel’s company has done it all in the last 2 years. Besides online marketing, Kishmel is also associated with real estate and has made a balance between both of his works.

According to him, every brand or business must have their social media presence to connect to a larger audience. He calls core value, passion and consistency as the three major aspects to make a brand successful on Instagram. He states that setting a niche and having a target audience also helps in building the image of a business on the social media platform. In the last few months, he has helped many of his clients in boosting organic social media growth with aggressive social media campaigns. Kishmel quoted, “Delivering quality content is the key. Many clients are willing to spend money if they extraordinary deal in return. Make sure to give the best services to have great client retention.”

For boosting strong social media growth, his company has helped many local B2B businesses in the past. Entry Points Media usually targets entrepreneurs, online businesses and influencers as they need to expand their growth on the digital space. “Growing an Instagram account is not just about the numbers and number of followers. It’s about building a brand, community and loyal following that you can ultimately monetize”, stated Kishmel. He further added that his journey as a digital entrepreneur has been all about trials and errors as he did not have any mentor, neither he learnt any course about online marketing.

Lastly, Kishmel also had some important advice for young entrepreneurs who want to learn about Instagram growth. Understanding the niche and Instagram algorithm is the first important aspect one must understand. He further laid emphasis on having an organic approach and not using Instagram bots. Adding to it, Kishmel explained that it is the need to network with popular pages catering to your niche. Consistently posting pictures with relevant hashtags is another secret he revealed to grow followers organically.


Discover the many facets of YouTube with Kody White, an influential entrepreneur to transform it into a money-making machine.

From doing odd jobs to becoming a millionaire through YouTube, Kody White is here to set benchmarks for the youth.

As the world evolves, it becomes more & more imperative to evolve the technologies & innovations as well. The more novel technologies come into place, the more chances for people all around the world to excel in their online businesses. Also, it is essential to make use of the right online mediums at the right time if one desires to do something in the virtual space & earn good money. An American from Avondale, Arizona, Kody White is an example of an individual who discovered the right online medium at the right time to make his career & eventually also become a millionaire. We are here talking about YouTube. White made all the efforts first to understand what this medium can do for him & when he discovered that, he leveraged the medium for gaining maximum advantage & becoming a successful entrepreneur. Today, White’s net worth is $3,500,000 & still growing each day.

Can you believe White is the same young boy who at the age of 14, started with doing many odd jobs, one including working at a taco bell? But, by that time he had even realised that the regular 9-5 jobs were not for him. When he was still 14, he started creating video games & this changed his life forever.

After understanding the numerous advantages YouTube can offer to individuals, he decided to start his cash cow channels on YouTube.

This is really inspiring to hear the story. Nowadays getting views and subscribers has become easier. YouTuber just have to look for the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers to grow their channel.

His counsellors & teachers discouraged him, saying that YouTube can’t make his career, but by only following heart, in 2016, White launched his first cash cow channel on the online medium.

As days passed, his channels became a hit so much so that it surpassed many higher levels of viewership. With learning from his experiences through the business, the mistakes he did & the corrections he made, he grew other cash cow channels as well in a short span of time. He achieved all of this at only 18 & had created six channels by then, which made him earn $10K monthly. His confidence & happiness had no bounds when he received his first 100 million views on YouTube, for which he gained $50K monthly.

After gaining so much of popularity with his cash cow channels, White decided to spread his ideas of the business & inspire the youth like him to generate a steady income flow from YouTube. Hence, in 2019 he created YTMoney. This channel of White helps all the other aspiring entrepreneurs to build their own cash cow channels on the online medium & generate a high income earning source. The channel is doing so well already that one of his top clients is already making $60,000 monthly.

White admits that with YTMoney, he wanted to represent himself through YouTube & also the monetization aspect of the medium. Talking about how he generates new ideas, White says that one must switch up the environment, keep exploring, meet new people & imbibe different perspectives from them.

Follow Kody White on Instagram @Kody