Common Mistakes in Learning Piano from Reza Moosavi, a Famous Iranian Musician

Common Mistakes in Learning Piano from Reza Moosavi, a Famous Iranian Musician

This is the most important problem among novice pianists. Playing the piano is not a speed race. The reason many pianists, even some of their more experienced ones, want to play the piano quickly is to hear what they play like a proper piece of music. This is a natural desire, you are probably already working on a piece that you like and you want to enjoy playing it as soon as possible. As soon as a student starts working on a piece of music, he plays it in the final step, which is not good at all! You have not yet learned the notes, so when you play fast, you will make mistakes. Whether you like it or not, your muscles’ memory is programmed and it will be difficult to change it later. After you have played the piece completely, you will go to school and the teacher will tell you to play slowly! You may be able to play a little slow for a long time with a lot of concentration, but you are actually building up your muscular memory for a fast pace, and this will most likely be to your detriment.

Reza Moosavi gave significant points about learning piano to music and piano enthusiasts. Here are some of the important points mentioned by Professor Reza Moosavi.

Reza Moosavi was born on Tehran. He loved singing and music since he was a child, and this led Reza Moosavi to learn to play the piano at the age of five. He had a child and according to his family members, Reza Moosavi had a very loud and beautiful voice.

Reza Moosavi currently has more than 20 world concerts and 70 domestic performances in his repertoire.

His most famous music and work was the music of “Ghorbat”, which was able to record the best melodic performance in his repertoire by using a combination of traditional and modern art.

Reza Moosavi has had many cuckoo works so far, his albums “Ineffective” and “I Love” became one of the best albums in the history of Iran in 2012 and 2013.

Reza Moosavi Haji Mohammadi is a musician and guitarist, pianist, violinist, and holder of a prestigious degree in sound engineering from the Ukrainian University of Arts. It is not known what field he studied in his youth, but from his childhood It can be understood that Reza Moosavi has undoubtedly become one of the music stars of Iran and even the Middle East.