Capturing Creativity: Kaile Goh on Picking Producers

Choosing who to work with can be the life or death of an artist in any field. Musician, singer, writer, and model Kaile Goh understands this personally as she navigates a transition in her music career in looking for a new producer. After becoming successful at a young age, she mutually parted with her record label and, following a fruitful pursuit of modeling, she is looking to revamp her career once more. In an interview, she described the processes of finding a new producer and some of the challenges that face artists. She explains, “Literally everything [is hard]. That’s why artists have managers because it’s actually close to impossible to do this on your own. Right now, I’m trying to get my music out there. I want people to hear my music and feel what I felt when I wrote it, so I think that’s the hardest part. Just getting people to listen.” And Kaile revealed, “I don’t produce my own music and I’m not working with anyone right now. I’m on the hunt for a good producer that can get my demos out there and my new songs I write in my room, sounding better than the last. I’d love nothing more than to release music but like I said I’m on the hunt.” Despite being currently unsigned, Kaile sits perfectly poised to jump at any opportunity or trend with her backgrounds in music and modeling and her undeniable talent.

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David Revuelta shares his top tips on finding your singing voice

Do you struggle to sing in public but long for a music career? Spanish musician David Revuelta gives confidence-boosting advice.

New musicians suffer from those horrible balls of nerves in the pit of the stomach. If you are stricken while you sing, you may even find that your voice starts to waver as a result. This affects the quality of your performance and negatively impacts future versions at the same time.

David Revuelta is a 20-year-old musician who comes from Madrid. Although new to the music scene, he has already amassed hundreds of thousands of followers across his social media accounts. They come for his sense of humor, but they stay for his tunes. David Revuelta has songs on Spotify that attract tens of thousands of visitors each month. So, when he tells you how to get over those nerves: you listen.

Here’s what top new artist David Revuelta had to say about getting over those nerves.

Beating Nerves Like a Professional Musician

Even though he has been performing and making music since he was a child, David confesses that he still gets a burst of nerves before a big gig. However, he says that he has seen many different artists manage it in unique ways. Here are some of the ways to beat the stress of performance so you can do your best.


A warm-up is about more than just attuning your voice. When you warm up, you are also getting physically ready to perform. This means focusing your mind, calming your thoughts, and setting yourself into a specific stance that you associate with singing, dancing, or playing music. This pose can become a new focus for you. It should be second nature. Practice enough, and the carriage will dissipate the nerves on their own.


David told us about an artist he worked with at a live gig once, whom he found backstage in an interesting – if weird – position. It turned out the artist in question liked to do yoga before they went on. It helped them to remove the tension from their muscles that they then held in their voice. So try a few yoga moves that focus on the chest and abdomen areas.

Turn it into Excitement.

If you don’t have anxiety, you won’t already know this, but fear and excitement are similar. They activate the same areas of your brain and cause the same immune response. Both make your palms sweaty, give you excessive sweating, and send your heart racing. So if you can tell your body is excited for the show instead of nervous, this will work wonders to dispel those nerves.

Picture Everyone Naked

Unfortunately, this old classic is a defect. If you picture everyone naked, you’re not concentrating on what you are doing, which leads to embarrassment and further prohibits a good performance. So stick to breathing work and try not to think of anyone on the toilet…

Practice Makes Perfect

David Revuelta’s last tip for those seeking a musical career is simply that practicing will make you perfect. As well as increasing your skill level, practice will also treat those nerves, and then the world is your oyster.


Royal Heir Entertainment – Where Musicians Go To Become Legends

Are you a new musician who wants to make his/her/their mark on the American music scene? If yes, head over to Royal Heir Entertainment. A leading international Music Marketing company with over 13 years’ experience, Royal Heir Entertainment helps musicians across genres reach the stars.

 Empowering you to reach the spotlight

The journey to the spotlight isn’t all glitz and glamour. The team at Royal Heir Entertainment knows this only too well. Their CEO is none other than Brian “Essince” Collins – a former artist turned music marketer, whom URB Magazine called the “poster hip-hopper for the American dream“. With a heritage as fancy as this, you are bound to get Grade A international Music Marketing representation and promotional support.

Royal Heir Entertainment offers a variety of promotional services, allowing new-to-the-scene musicians to gain the visibility they need to shine. From a la carte services to comprehensive start-to-finish marketing campaigns, the company provides extensive marketing support and coverage.

Championing BIPOC & Urban Musicians

Royal Heir Entertainment is a new-age music marketing company that believes in equal representation within the American music industry. Essince, who hails from Latin America himself, provides indigenous and BIPOC musicians the stage they need to share their unique tunes and lyrics with the world.

Additionally, with the company’s legacy stemming from hip hop, artists in the Urban genre, in particular, can expect additional marketing services. Essince’s own experience as a musician informs the company’s creative vision. He ensures his clients always receive the most targeted marketing campaigns and have access to a team of highly talented graphic designers, advertisers, PR agents & social media marketers at all times.

From helping his clients gain visibility in top publications of the day to creating avenues where they can gain airtime, Royal Heir Entertainment can help musicians climb the stepping stone to the spotlight.

Supporting budding athletes everywhere

Royal Heir Entertainment has a subdivision called Royal Heir Sports, which is dedicated exclusively to providing marketing services to athletes who need promotion and deal representation.

As the owner of the Akron Aviators professional basketball team, Essince has for long been vested in the success of young athletes from across the country. Royal Heir Sports works with both minor and major league athletes, helping them find brand endorsements, get social media visibility, and offering brand-building services.

As with musicians, Essince and his team at Royal Heir Entertainment work hard to launch promising talent towards victory.


Multitalented Youth : Keyan Tanvir’s Inspiring Journey Musician to Actor

Keyan Tanvir is an actor and social media influencer with over half a million followers across all platforms, he is an inspiration to the world.

Keyan Tanvir is a famous entertainer, the best model of the last time. He works with numerous congregations of individuals. He likes to take on different parts, which helps him to show his adaptability as entertainment.

Keyan Tanvir said, “Some of what I expected has been achieved, but there is still much to be achieved. I’ve done a few photoshoots and more work going on. I used to sing since childhood. From then on, there was a different kind of love for music. After that, I started working with music but now I am working as an actor.

Keyan Tanvir always wanted to try different things than other people. This is the reason behind his success in the digital space. Similarly, he has learned much from the failures of his journey. This has helped him a lot since his early start. He also shares his approach and strategy for helping other people in the digital space.

Keyan Tanvir tells us that if you have good skills in any subject and you believe that you do it well, then you are promoting it on social media, and one day you will have success. Even if you do not succeed at first, you will succeed if you continue to work hard. So, work hard until you achieve your goal.

With his success and the kind of music he has created, Keyan Tanvir has shown the world that anything can be achieved if one takes a risk. He showed us how important it is to be consistent when working in your own business.



Louie is an experienced music producer from the USA who has been making beats for 10 yrs.A beat is the main accent or rhythmic unit in music. He also posts music tutorials. He also deals in buying and selling of beats on his official website. You can get Trending beats there.

BeatStars is his music-producing company with which Louie is associated with. BeatStars and Sony Music Publishing have joined forces to provide publishing services to a worldwide community of writers, producers, and artists.Sony Music Publishing is the leading global music publisher which has worked with superstars such as Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Ed Sheeran.

Louie is a bit new in the industry right now and he has not achieved much yet. There is not anything noteworthy right now that has created a buzz on social media but his beats are wonderful and very comforting. The beats will surely make you dance in joy.

He is not an American by birth he is an immigrant. He loved music from his childhood it was in his DNA and that is what led him to the music production industry. Being creative one of the most important factors for music production.

Louie has become a wonderful music producer now and now he is ready to make a real impact in society. Before becoming a producer you must make up your mind. Then there a process that will guide to the path of success.

He is always open for business collaborations and you can contact him at


Mari Baby; A fast-growing musician

The twenty-three-year-old emcee has put in countless hours behind the scenes to get to the cusp of greatness. Listening to icons such as Jay Z and 50 Cent with a mix of modern-day heavy-hitters such as A Boogie gave him insight on how to blend the gritty lyricism of old with the melodic flow that has captivated many listeners today. .

He combined that with his own unique come-up with autotuned crooning and witty one-liners to develop a sound that oozed of NYC’s golden age but with sparks of something new and exciting.

Along with a series of successful singles, Mari hustled around town to build his underground hype up while developing his online following with great social media promotion and a boisterous personality. The man behind the music is what makes his sound so captivating, and his path along the independent route is a feel-good story for any aspiring artist.

He has amassed thousands of fans along with hundreds of thousands of streams, and this is merely the beginning. His latest release, “Love Ain’t Shit,” delivers the most in-depth look at his personal life with honest and open verses and a choppy flow that makes you hang on every word.

Mari Baby is ready for a breakout year in 2021, whether you’re ready for it or not!