Communal living: creating your community

Communal living: creating your community

New York is a dream for many Americans and foreigners.  Millions of people want to live and work here because this city has a variety of opportunities to find work, build a career, gain popularity and money.  Millions of people come here in search of a better life.  But the perfect picture of a desirable life is very expensive.  Because of the constant flow of migrants and tourists, rental prices in New York are among the top 5 most expensive cities in the world.  Not even the U.S., but the whole world!  Therefore, not everyone can afford such a luxury as renting an apartment in America’s biggest city.  But here’s the good news: now rapidly developing communal living New York.  You can live in New York and pay several times less rent if you take advantage of communal living.

Communal living is the joint living of people who do not know each other but who rent apartments together.  For example, students renting one house; a large house for many families.  Even an old people’s home is an example of communal living because people who do not know each other live there.

Types of communal living

Communal living can be divided into four basic types:

  • Co-housing communities: this means that people live in private rooms, i.e. everyone has his or her own private space, but the kitchen or bathroom is shared by all neighbors.
  • Eco-housing communities: a feature of this co-housing is that people form communities based on eco-housing in settlements.
  • Communes are large associations, communities of people with a common outlook, values and traditions, having common property.
  • Spiritual communities are also a type of communal living.  But it is special because it unites not random people, but people with a common spiritual culture and views.

The most popular type of Communal living now is Co-housing communities.  In New York City, this type of apartment rental is constantly evolving because of its many advantages.

Benefits of co-housing communities

Many people move to New York City in search of work or to attend college.  These people therefore do not have family, friends, or acquaintances in the metropolis. Communal living is a great opportunity to find new friends, partners and people with common values.  Therefore, forming a community is a great feature and advantage of co-housing communities:

  • Saving money – it is this magic word that attracts many people to try communal living.  And indeed it does.  You can save money on the rent of the room, and on commissions to brokers, and to buy furniture or groceries.  With communal living, saving money becomes a nice bonus to forming a community.
  • Convenience and no time constraints in renting a space – thanks to community living it is possible to rent space for short periods of time, for example for 1 month.  This is a big advantage compared to renting an apartment, because they often allow you to rent an apartment from 3-4 or 6 months.

Communal living therefore has many advantages.  It’s not only an opportunity to save money, but a way to form new acquaintances and make new friends.  And if you’re coming to New York without family or acquaintances, it’s an ideal option to form a new community of like-minded people.