Conventional finance has been hit hard, YeFi has brought unlimited imagination to the lending market

Conventional finance has been hit hard, YeFi has brought unlimited imagination to the lending market

DeFi originated in 2018, after entering 2020, the DeFi market has reached a new high, DeFi ecological map continues to expand, there are lending platforms, DEX、 stable coins, derivatives, forecasting markets, insurance and other multi-domain practice cases, ecological prosperity to the extreme. As of now, the total lockout of the DeFi agreement has exceeded $65 billion.

A growing number of people agree that DeFi is the best application of smart contracts, and even the best landing scenario for block chains. Borrowing, decentralizing exchanges, and stabilizing currencies constitute the DeFi troika, with the development of the lending market particularly striking.

The emergence of YeFi as a new star in the DeFi lending market is devoted to solving the drawbacks of traditional finance, playing the role of DeFi ecology, and realizing the vision of people all over the world without threshold lending.

YeFi is an unmanaged, open source, interoperable, extensible public financial service platform, relying on the core technology of the world’s first commercial public chain YottaChain, creating an ecosystem of distributed storage DeFi, dedicated to creating a decentralized bank, so that people around the world enjoy financial services without barriers.

Relative to other projects in the Defi open source market, the YeFi project code will be sent to the community and professional companies after freezing code according to the project road map. Make full use of the performance superiority of the YottaChain public chain and improve the execution efficiency of intelligent contract.

YottaChain, as the first commercial public chain in the world, has a unique TruPrivacy patent technology. It is the only block chain technology in the world to realize zero knowledge data encryption and data removal, which will help to YeFi the expansion of deeper business logic.

YEFI to create a decentralized lending platform, providing “deposit interest collection” and “mortgage lending” function. In the YEFI market, users can deposit encrypted assets to earn interest, or they can pay certain interest to borrow some encrypted assets, and both parties can obtain income from liquidity mining.

Compared with traditional finance, YeFi disintermediation through block chain reduces the cost of intermediate links and reduces the cost of trust. Using unlicensed distributed networks, financial products are converted into trust-free protocols. Anyone anywhere in the world can access these protocols, and people without accounts in banks can use them to borrow and borrow assets.

The emergence of YeFi, free from the plight of traditional finance, lower the entry threshold in the field of DeFi, eliminate geographical and financial regulatory restrictions, let everyone fully control their identity, assets and data, let financial services open, transparent, credible, automated, embrace the infinite possibilities of DeFi.

To expand the influence of the YeFi and enhance the market value of the YeFi, the YeFi will be officially launched WBF digital asset trading platform, open YeFi/USDT trading pairs. YeFi will also be applied to more and more scenes in the future to stimulate greater energy and value of DeFi ecology.