CrisisKhan reveals outstanding and ardent new single “You”

CrisisKhan reveals outstanding and ardent new single “You”

It is said rightly that Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life. It refreshes your soul, amuse your thoughts and gives you an energy to recharge your body and mind. It is an art through which we can speak of our heart. Moreover it also serve as a medium to spread the message of positivity through encouraging content. And nowadays especially in the time of pandemic, when most of the people are passing through tough times and enduring mental stress, music can be a source to relieve their pressure promote the words of hope across the globe.  Numerous artists are playing their part in music industry by introducing their creative skills. One such musician is Crisiskhan ,whose artistic  and creative work of composing music and lyrics has got so much recognition and appreciation within no time.

CrisisKhan is a 26-year-old American Rapper/Hip-Hop artist, song writer and producer from Brooklyn, New York born on April 13th, 1995. He was just 13 when he fell in love with music. He started writing loving lyrics and producing music in this  tender age. His creativity, amazing lyricism, and melodious  composition of songs cherishes the music lovers and greatly attracts his listeners. CrisisKhan released his first EP “Quarantine” on 08/13/2020 and has been quickly acquiring recognition from his peers and support from music consumers worldwide. He has received an overwhelming positive  response on his EP Quarantine that achieved more than 1,000,000 streams. Known for his raw east coast style lyricism and unique flow, along with his utilization of west coast style beats CrisisKhan has amassed a large number of fans in a short span of time. He has won several contests on coast2coast, been courted by several major labels and has received  outstanding feedback from curators.

Crisiskhan continues to amuse his listeners by making quality songs and lyrics time to time. His most recent revealed song , new single “You” in collaboration withGlitChis catching the hearts and minds  of his followers and of those who adore genuine music. The song is the fantastic integration of hip-hop and R&B music that is clearly reflected composition of music and creation of lyrics. The new song is collecting heartfelt accolade from all parts of the  world. It can be listened to on SoundCloud and other music platforms.

Crisiskhan is the young and enthusiastic hip-hop artistic who is the source of inspiration for many youngsters. It is owing to his exceptionalskills in composing and lyricism that his following on social media platforms in continuously increasing.  He can be connected with , on his Instagram account. Also his tweeter account is open to be followed for all. Moreover his songs can be listened on several musical platforms like sound cloud, and Spotify

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