Da Story B4 Da Glory on Track to Become a Classic Urban Film

Da Story B4 Da Glory on Track to Become a Classic Urban Film

What does it take to create a classic film? Some would say that it takes an all-star cast of A list actors. Others would say it takes a huge budget or an iconic celebrity to build your cast around. That may be the case for most classic films, but when it comes to urban films such as Da Story B4 Da Glory, Brandon Gaston, and Filmmaker Leylo proves that all it takes is will power a lot of hunger and a strong passion to capture and project the details of the behaviors in the Hood.

(Executive Producer) Brandon Gaston and (Writer/Director) Filmmaker Leylo is gaining national attention behind the success of the film which tackles several issues faced in the urban communities today. 

Da Story B4 Da Glory, which took a little over 2 years to complete, was created on a budget of $25,000. Brandon Gaston worked 50+ hours a week to finance the film and could only film on weekends. Filmmaker Leylo also went through extreme measures to put together a dedicated production crew, while keeping the team motivated through the long process. 

Da Story B4 Da Glory was released at the end of 2019. It was premiered in Gaston’s hometown of Griffin, Ga at the Regal Griffin Cinemas where it sold out tickets and merchandise. To top it off, the cast and crew received a standing ovation. Brandon stated on his Dirty Glove Bastard interview that he and his business partners Champ B.

Newton and Pete Driver would almost go broke trying to finance the film and still live a comfortable life. Most Independent filmmakers would tell you that it’s tough to create an independent film without any investors, which is what makes Brandon and Leylo’s story enormously profound and inspiring to up and coming filmmakers.

The games changer was the moment that the cast and crew received a shot out from Headkrack of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show / The Morning Hustle / Dish Nation. The film started gaining momentum in Atlanta which is the mecca for entertainment and urban influence. The storyline grasps true issues faced by young adults in urban communities across the globe.

The cast features Brandon Gaston, Shuntel Renay, Champ B. Newton, Pete Driver, Ron Taylor, (Comedian) Shawty Shawty, Vincent Jones, Diamond P, and Garrett Forge. It’s Produced by Keidra Ponder and Catilynn Silvius. Da Story B4 Da Glory is available now on Amazon Prime and Tubi Tv.