Electric Mountain Bike Company Launches Folding E-Bike with a Powerful 500W Motor

Electric Mountain Bike Company Launches Folding E-Bike with a Powerful 500W Motor

The HYBRID E-BIKE turn’s into a sleek machine capable of helping riders get where they need to be quicker than ever before. Whether you’re just riding around town, running errands or hitting the trails, there’s now an e-bike that will help you accomplish the task without breaking a sweat.

The HYBRID E-BIKE is powerful and expertly built, carrying you farther and faster to your destinations. Travel up to 60 miles and hit speeds of up to 28 MPH utilizing 5 different levels of pedal assist.

Ride to the beach, work, grocery store, and back home all on a single charge. Powered by a 36V battery hidden in the down tube of the bike, The HYBRID E BIKE will get you where you need to go. You can maximize your range by relying less on the motor and more on your output.

The HYBRID E-BIKE is equipped with a powerful motor capable of hitting speeds up to 28 MPH. Big hills? No problem. The 500W motor is discreet yet packs a major punch. also complies with international regulations.

Rapidly charge your bike battery while you are at the office so you can cruise to lunch in style. Live life on the go. Plug your e-Bike into any outlet and you will have a full battery in two hours.

With the Torque Sensing Crankset, you are free to enjoy the pleasures of biking. Equipped with up to five different levels of pedal assist, just apply pressure and the motor will instantly power the bike to your preferred level.

Crank the level up when you get tired. Let the bike do more of the work by changing the Pedal assist levels. Got to get to work and don’t want to show up in a sweat? Turn the pedal assist up. Trying to get in some cardio? Turn the pedal assist off.

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