Danish Qureshi Skinny Model is all set to make to emerge as a sensation in fashion world || The Unstoppable Magazine

Modeling is the name of many things. You need a number of things  in order to be a competent model and this is where you have to put all your hard work in order to grow up in this field. One such name in this industry is none other than Ludhiana, Punjab based man called Danish Qureshi. He is a 21 years old man and the skinny model is of 6 feet 2 inches who is currently the makeup artist and fashion model. 

He has worked with different brands and designers doing a couple of fashion shows and other similar events. He seemed to have worked with a production company working as a Ludhiana Manager and even has worked as a Judge of the Show. He was also part of events like Runway, Designer SHoots and Bold Shoot Magazines along with Shoot Fashion Weeks. 

With all these things in his portfolio, Danish intends to go a long way and this has been the epitome of his life as a model. For him, learning never stops and it ends with the last breath of human beings.  So, he is leaving no stone unturned to keep himself aligned in order to grow the best. Well, lets see how things move, but at the moment things are smooth and he is ready to take a deep plunge in it.