Darshan Sankhala is growing as a leading Name in multiple fields

Darshan Sankhala is growing as a leading Name in multiple fields

Darshan Sankhala many know him as a preeminent businessman of India his Raamapeer Industrial Corporation in Raipur is leading Wiremesh company.
Many don’t know that Darshan Sankhala is born artist who started his journey as an anchor than poet, filmmaker and now he is coming with a new project called Rol Bol in that project many top Bollywood and T.V. Celebrities are showing their keen interest. So it is going to be one of the most significant projects until now, which will inspire many people in India.

Darshan has worked with many top names of Bollywood and T.V. His journey started as a Bhajan artist than he becomes a poet side by side he grew as a businessman. He turned his way from bhajan artist to poet to anchor and then as a motivational speaker. Now Darshan Sankhala is filmmaker his production house Raamapeer Studios will help exceptional talent by giving them support at every stage and promoting them at a bigger stage.

Darshan Sankhala believes in Ramaapeer, and he has participated in more than 200 Bhajans across the country. That helped him gain lots of confidence in life. He grew as an anchor and joined as a poet in top shows like Waah Waah kya Baat hai, he also shown his talent in five different countries and as an anchor, he has work in shows like Kavyanjali for Disha T.V in the past.

He has tried everything in his life, and his every venture has added successful stories to his life as he gives his best and work hard. Now Darshan Sankhala is taking his motivational theory to a new level by starting a mega and dream project, Rol Bol.

Darshan Sankhala holds many records on him like he owns the record of fastest hand shook and golden book of world record. Darshan Sankhala has been facilitated many a time for his work in various fields. He received the award in 2017 as a global achiever and many other awards at various events. Darshan Sankhala is also associated with many International organisation like JCI, BNI and JITO.

Darshan Sankhala journey can inspire many people as this lad has proven his skills in multiple fields. We expect much more from Darshan Sankhala in coming years, and we hope that his dream project Rol Bol gets the same success as he received in the past in his business and other works.