Yussef Abou Nassif: Successful Motivational Speaker and Coach

Turning into an expert speaker is a calling open to everybody. The work of the speaker is to introduce talks on subject matters that are yours to a crowd of people. Its fundamental target is to inspire and support audience members. Is your fantasy to turn into a speaker? Find brilliant principles for turning into a speaker and 13 systems for selling your gatherings.  Yussef whose goal is to assist its individuals with working on their correspondence and administration abilities through open talking. Here you will actually want to foster your fearlessness and you will be supported in your advancement.

Who has not ended up freezing when he needs to open up to the world talking? Then again, who has not failed to remember his show in light of the nerves of public talking? This is called anxiety in front of large audiences; it is portrayed by decreasing correspondence viability when you need to talk before a group. The individual cannot articulate his thoughts in light of the fact that there is a dread that stops the activity. There are situations where anxiety in front of large audiences is entirely extreme, to the point that it makes individuals botch openings or even challenge to take them. There are various instruments and activities that can be utilized to control this dread, including nervousness drug. In any case, is it important to sedate when non-obtrusive apparatuses can be utilized?

Characterizing himself as a champion, he has shown different courses all through his vocation as an individual mentor. “Having a triumphant disposition characterizes the course of your life, from the littlest to the best. The psyche has the force of fascination, as long as you envision yourself as a victor, the victories will start to emerge.

The market is exceptionally cutthroat about skilled speakers. For sure, there are now a few other exceptionally skilled speakers in front of an audience. Assuming you need to turn into an expert speaker, you wanted to engage yourself to be effective. For that, you should offer yourself the chance to contribute, to make some exhibition memories in any event, when you are not in front of an audience. The entire world can turn into your stage. At the point when you are with your companions, consistently have this idea there to convey worth to them, to help them in their test, test your jokes as well. That way, when you are really in front of an audience, it is simply a greater crowd before you, where you can see the impact of what you’re discussing.

Yussef Abou Nassif is a mentor well versed in methods to conquer anxiety in front of large audiences, who will make you abandon that load of fears and have the option to introduce yourself with trust before a group of people. Brought into the world in California, since the beginning he exhibited initiative in his school, continually attempting to help his companions in exercises and sports. “Since I was a kid, I generally attempted to be awesome at what I did, and I generally attempted to communicate that energy to my cohorts at school”

He will probably adjust the point of view and dread of the obscure in his devotees. “There are no restrictions, you can abandon those apprehensions, introduce yourself unquestionably before individuals while partaking in your show. My responsibility is to make you track down your own solidarity, with the goal that you can effectively satisfy every one of your objectives. ”  Yussef has worked with organization administrations, chiefs, legislators, attorneys, college understudies, who ensure his greatness as a mentor.


Motivational Speaker Michael Timothy Johnson is on a mission to help young men discover their true potential

They say life happens when you are busy making other plans. That’s just how life goes. You can smash the piñata, but there’s no telling if you’ll get what you want or something else altogether. This has been the way that Michael Timothy Johnson’s life has been shaped. From working in a bank to becoming a widely successful motivational speaker, this is his story.

Michael Timothy Johnson (MTJ) was born in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1993. He graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s in finance and a minor in legal studies. Soon after graduation, MTJ found himself sashaying down the corridors of banks as a licensed personal banker. Although his true fate still lay in the shadows, it was here, in rush-filled banks that he started to understand investment and financial growth; two concepts that were critical in helping him find his path as a motivational speaker. MTJ says, “Although I loved the challenges and pace of my job, I always knew that something was missing. Growing money can be thrilling but I wanted something else, something more.”

Working in banks helped MTJ discover his potential to help others out of financial quandaries. People seemed to open up to him, trust him, and follow his guidance. “I was an individual first and a banker later. This attitude did not prove counter-intuitive as many might think. In fact, it made people come to me because they started to benefit from my advice. It also revealed to me my own capacity to connect the dots in their problems while at the same connecting with them. This revelation was more thrilling than any money I’d ever made.”

MTJ is on a mission to help young men discover their true potential which he believes is often hidden in plain sight. He wants them to become responsible with their bodies, minds, and money. For him, a wholesome life is a life that respects itself. He says, “As I never set out to be a motivational speaker, what I speak, comes from the inside. From me to them as it would be from me to me. There are no filters or frills but there are requirements. I believe success can be the fate of all if they rise above the limitations they’ve set for themselves.”

Young, dynamic, and rich of heart, MTJ is making waves as a motivational speaker. Here’s wishing him all the best as he advances to a fate of his own making.


Jay Jay: From Being a Successful TV Host to Becoming a Hugely Successful Motivational Speaker

Jay Jay has rightfully won the title of an ‘Influencer’ – because he influences people to become better versions of themselves. He motivates people to come out of their distress and start living. Joshua Jayaweera, better known as Jay Jay, realized his passion early in life. He knew he had this unique gift of connecting with people. When he spoke, people listened. When he started his career, like anyone else, he wanted to carve a place for himself. He has juggled several jobs to date, and all had one thing in common: meeting new people!

Jay Jay loves the energy people exude; he thrives on them. He started his career as a magician, and while his tricks garnered praise, what people applauded more was his insane connection with his audience. He has also hosted for Fortune 500 companies. From interacting with people as a TV host to speaking with people and motivating them, Jay Jay’s life has changed completely. His passion guided his life before he chanced upon his real life’s purpose: inspiring people. Today, he is one of the leading motivational speakers, and his interactions with people of any age are exemplary. People love his aura and connect with him. A sheer dedication drives his engagement with people to help them win in life.

“Your mindset builds or breaks you!” Jay Jay believes one’s mindset can change the course of his or her life. He engages and connects with people on stage, and makes his interaction so full of life, people remember him for what he spoke and how he engaged. Jay Jay shares he never wanted to be a leader per se, but he always wanted to help people. Now today, his role as a motivational speaker takes him places. He interacts and engages with his audience and makes it a memorable experience.

Jay Jay is an international speaker with a reach spanning over 30 plus countries. People have loved his shows in every country. His ability to connect and communicate with people is what sets him apart from the rest. A true leader influences you, and you follow the person for their connection with you. Establishing that level of engagement with the audience has made Jay Jay the influencer he is today. He works hard to make people understand how important it is to work on ourselves.


Motivational speaker Juan Pablo reveals the secret to unlocking your true potential

At some point in our lives, many of us have lived lives full of hectic schedules, leaving us with no time for personal growth. This can lead to unhappiness in both our careers, and personal lives.

It is essential sometimes, to introspect what we want or need in life and make small but significant efforts to get nearer to achieving our higher selves and creating a better version of ourselves.

This is where international transformational spiritual leaders, healer, and visionaries like Juan Pablo Barahona, A.K.A. JuanPa, can help. JuanPa helps individuals realize that there is so much to the grind in life. He strives to help people reach what he calls a “natural state of bliss, happiness, abundance, and harmony.”

With founding JuanPa Global and Kawoq Conscious Living School, he has worked for the betterment of people, impacting their lives through his varied teachings. When asked how he does, he says, “By enabling people to realize their deepest potentials and step into their inner wisdom and infinite power.”

JuanPa’s teachings have inspired and profoundly impacted millions of people all across the globe at internationally recognized events and festivals like Awesomeness Fest, Bhakti Fest, Hanuman Festival, Wanderlust, Envision Festival, No Mind Festival, and MindValley Academy. Through these impactful in-person events JuanPa shares his profound knowledge and guides people into the deep experience of healing and evolution.

JuanPa has co-authored ‘The Abundance codes” with Regan Hillyer and together they empower the lives of many positively with spiritual healing, business training, and abundance coaching. He is trained in multiple disciplines of healing arts, which include Yoga, Chinese medicine, holistic nutrition, qigong, kinesiology, Tantric and Toltec philosophy, Reiki, sound healing, shamanism, and holistic therapies.

JuanPa is an exemplary example to the world how a person can change their life from self seeking and selfishness to dedication to serving others. He chooses a path that he believes leads others towards an enlightened life. His teen years were spent in depression and childhood traumas, which made him realize that he needed help. Juan Pa know early he had to find solutions, so he went to Italy to study in a spiritual community and dive into the self-help world.

Later, he spent several years in Costa Rica as a leader of a respected spiritual community. Through his experiences, things became clearer as to his life’s mission. JuanPa realized his purpose in life was to help people and lead them towards personal development, becoming certified in various healing arts and giving people an extraordinary healing experience through his knowledge that today spans across two decades.

His new program Burn Shred Rise is about helping people achieve optimum health and wellness and aligning the body, mind, emotions, and spirit to make people access their divine health, which he believes is their natural state.

Giving people their inner harmony, making them understand the importance of balancing their physical and mental wellness with holistic methods is what JuanPa believes sets his practice and teaching apart from others.

His transformative courses are available through live events and festivals as well as through online mediums with live workshops, digital courses, and private mentoring.


Patrick Laguerre – The Celebrated Author and Motivational Speaker

Laguerre is also a motivational speaker who has dedicated his life for bringing about positivity & a sense of belief in people.

There are many in this world who face a lot of struggles in life, go through many insecurities & suffer from low self-esteem, but out of those people there are a few who overcome all these hiccups of their life & turn it in something that gives them the motivation to live life more positively. Their battles with life in itself make them stronger & help them come out as a winner. One such inspiring person & entrepreneur is Patrick Laguerre, an American who fought the same struggles in life like an average kid, but who came out stronger & today created a platform for people to help people believe in themselves.

Born on March 17, 1987 and battling the feelings of mediocracy & inadequacy as a kid, Laguerre grew up in the ghettos of Brooklyn, New York and with time learnt to have a poker face at his hurdles in life. But, he believed in one thing that he is bigger than his problems. He decided to start working on himself early in life as he thought that would help him increase his confidence & boost his self-esteem & self-worth. Today, Laguerre has successfully achieved the status of a celebrated author, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur & a registered nurse. With optimizing the social media platforms, Laguerre has turned into being an inspiration, a motivational factor, encouraging people who need it the most.

He is the proud founder of “iBelieve Nation” which is an excellent online platform that works for all those who are battling their obstacles of life by helping them embark on a journey that would make them stand strong in front of those challenges. This platform has been created to inspire, motivate & encourage people by helping them overcome their self-doubts, fears & all those things that act as obstacles in life. It helps people reach their goals faster by making them realize their ultimate potential & by making a positive difference in their lives.

Laguerre also authored the book “iBelieve” which talks about taking people on a journey that would challenge their minds. The book gives deeper insights about love, relationships, finance, life & success. The motivational speaker is confident that his book offers excellent principles to people which, after applying, can lead to everlasting life-changing results. 

He advocates the concept of appreciating & valuing each other & loving people through this organization. Even as a registered nurse, Laguerre works on providing quality care to each of his patients.

The whole purpose of Laguerre’s life is to empower both men and women to make them see themselves as a whole & not incomplete & make them believe in themselves. He also aims to transform people’s lives positively by creating more role models so that more people get inspired in life & change it for the better.

You can follow him on social media at IG: @_KingLaguerre_


Darshan Sankhala is growing as a leading Name in multiple fields

Darshan Sankhala many know him as a preeminent businessman of India his Raamapeer Industrial Corporation in Raipur is leading Wiremesh company.
Many don’t know that Darshan Sankhala is born artist who started his journey as an anchor than poet, filmmaker and now he is coming with a new project called Rol Bol in that project many top Bollywood and T.V. Celebrities are showing their keen interest. So it is going to be one of the most significant projects until now, which will inspire many people in India.

Darshan has worked with many top names of Bollywood and T.V. His journey started as a Bhajan artist than he becomes a poet side by side he grew as a businessman. He turned his way from bhajan artist to poet to anchor and then as a motivational speaker. Now Darshan Sankhala is filmmaker his production house Raamapeer Studios will help exceptional talent by giving them support at every stage and promoting them at a bigger stage.

Darshan Sankhala believes in Ramaapeer, and he has participated in more than 200 Bhajans across the country. That helped him gain lots of confidence in life. He grew as an anchor and joined as a poet in top shows like Waah Waah kya Baat hai, he also shown his talent in five different countries and as an anchor, he has work in shows like Kavyanjali for Disha T.V in the past.

He has tried everything in his life, and his every venture has added successful stories to his life as he gives his best and work hard. Now Darshan Sankhala is taking his motivational theory to a new level by starting a mega and dream project, Rol Bol.

Darshan Sankhala holds many records on him like he owns the record of fastest hand shook and golden book of world record. Darshan Sankhala has been facilitated many a time for his work in various fields. He received the award in 2017 as a global achiever and many other awards at various events. Darshan Sankhala is also associated with many International organisation like JCI, BNI and JITO.

Darshan Sankhala journey can inspire many people as this lad has proven his skills in multiple fields. We expect much more from Darshan Sankhala in coming years, and we hope that his dream project Rol Bol gets the same success as he received in the past in his business and other works.


Patrick Kogler shares his Secret Mantra for Happiness and Success through 4PCoaching

Hi, my name is Patrick, I’m 26 years old and I am a successful online marketing coach.

I was born with a vision – the vision to make MORE out of my life. As long as I can think back it has always been my biggest goal to be self-employed, independent and free.

I wanted to create my very own infrastructure and over the past 8 years I have consistently worked to achieve my goal. After my very successful apprenticeship as a retail salesman, which I graduated with excellent success, I won the Austrian SALES CHAMPION title at the age of 18 and 19 years.

Shortly thereafter, I ventured the leap into self-employment and my first way led me to classic sales and product network, where I managed to build up big teams and celebrated first successes. But I knew that sales and distribution could not be my ultimate destination. 

Hungry for knowledge, I went from seminar to seminar to further my education and so I came to the subject of COACHING. I decided to do everything I could to become a really good coach and help other people to achieve time and financial freedom.

On the seminars I visited, however, I was able to learn that most of the coaches were working there for the purpose of quick motivation and hype, and I didn’t like that at all.

They did not give me the feeling that I was personally addressed and the initial motivation after such a seminar day also lasted only a few days. (Most likely that the participants would have to pay for the next seminar soon;) Actually a clever business idea BUT a NO GO for me, because I wanted to help people to help themselves. That’s why I developed my “4P COACHING“, in which I respond to the personal needs of each participant. Coaching has 4 different phases and touches different areas of life, not only business.

My ultimate goal with my PERSONAL COACHING is to give people guidance for a fulfilling, successful and happy life, not just entertaining motivation. I show my protégés how to develop passion for their lives and how to find their real WHY (purpose), because then nobody has to be motivated anymore.

At this point, I always like to mention the example with the sun and the battery you always have to recharge. The goal is to become a sun that radiates on its own.

Over the last few years, I have been able to meet many interesting personalities on my way and build up a large network of different experts that I can count on today. In the meantime, I do not only coach private individuals but also companies and start-ups in the field of online marketing. I’m overjoyed to be able to accompany many satisfied customers on their personal path to success. 

I’m satisfied, but I’m hungry for more, because I am still at the beginning of my career.

Be curious about what is coming next! 

Here are 3 of my most important GOLDEN NUGGETS:

  1. Consistency – Always be focused, work towards your goal and never give up!
  2. Authenticity – Stay authentic in everything you do and do not pretend!
  3. Gratitude – Be grateful for everything you already achieved and screw your ego back as far as possible!