Deepak Singla: Giving Your Business the Digital Edge

Deepak Singla: Giving Your Business the Digital Edge

The people. The fast pace. The ever-changing landscape. Digital marketing is fun! But it is also challenging. You are dealing with businesses after all. You are responsible for people’ name becoming big enough to become famous and credible. Deepak Singla from Ludhiana is becoming the top name in Digital Marketing and PR work in India. Digital Marketing has seen many changes in the last three years from publishing blogs, articles, and is now moving towards video marketing.

His firm started with SEO (search engine optimization) to SMM (social media management).He was successfully able to provide his services to businesses to help them improve their visibility online.

Thanks to his efforts in taking the efforts and names of businesses to the next level, this young entrepreneur from Ludhiana, has become a force to reckon with in the field of digital marketing in India. Deepak Singla is known for Digital Marketing work, PR Work, SEO, SMM social media management, artist management and has, in a very short period of time, managed to have a stable of celebrity clients who swear by his services and acknowledge his contribution to brand building.

He has worked with more than 500+ clients in the past few years, which includes many famous names from the fields of entertainment, sports, entrepreneurs, businesses, and other big names among industry and corporate.

Deepak Singla is an entrepreneur who is working on his dream venture – a startup named Gaana Promotion (

Through his futuristic vision and sheer dint of hard work, he is taking Social media management to a new level in India to bring it at par with world class standards. Deepak Singla knows the power of social media, especially Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Linkedin, Snapchat, Twitter, and many more and is able to harness it for the benefit of his clients. He is a social media influencer in the true sense of the word who knows how to develop brand value on the social media platform.

Deepak Singla has managed to build close connects with stalwarts from the entertainment industry – actors, singer, producers, and many more from Bollywood and the Hindi film industry to big names from the Punjabi industry. He has done considerable promotional work for top names in the music industry.

Deepak Singla’s way of working is different from regular digital marketers. He believes in the result and produces a significant effect too.

So if you are looking for PR, Digital Marketing in India than Deepak Singla is the best Digital Marketer, PR expert of India. He is an experienced person who can exponentially grow the value of your brand online.