Delhi’s inspiring Influencer Ddeev Banerjee Came up together with his new photoshoot in collaboration with Zoafshen Qureshi.

Ddeev Banerjee has been doing exceedingly well in his career as an influencer ,Businessman , activist and now even as a model.

It is always great to know and learn about all those people who strive to achieve excellence in their respective fields and go ahead in creating milestones as well in their career. These individuals, especially youngsters of today, have shown what it really takes to become the best in the industry. Talking about the emergence of so many young talents across industries and fields, it is imperative to discuss the success stories of some of them. We came across one such young talent, originally from Kolkata and now residing in Delhi, who has been doing exceedingly well in his career; he is Ddeev Banerjee.

Ddeev Banerjee has always exuded passion in whatever he has taken in his hands so far. This is the reason why today, he is known as one of the top influencers in Delhi. From the beginning, if anything, that attracted Ddeev Banerjee the most; it was the idea of doing something in the artistic fields and also work for the betterment of people in whatever way possible. To make a deep impact on people’s lives, after shifting to Delhi in 2009, this youngster has also turned into a social activist who has been working consistently for the wellbeing of others.

The youngster who has already accumulated a large base of fans and followers on social media as a talented influencer has again made headlines. This time, he thought to change his style and come up with a brand new photoshoot as a professional model. His sharp features and charming personality have made many heads turn in the industry, gaining him much more recognition and name. Ddeev Banerjee looks all elated and excited, showing his seven different looks for the new photoshoot.

With this photoshoot, for the first time, Ddeev Banerjee is collaborating with another multi-talented personality of Delhi, the one who has already made her mark in the modelling industry; she is Zoafshen Qureshi, an Emcee, makeup artist and also an entrepreneur. Collaborating with Zoafshen Qureshi has left fans and followers with more excitement and they are already craving for more of such photoshoots together in the future as well.

To get more updates, follow him on Instagram @ddeevbanerjee.