Interview With Artist & Successful Trader Andrey Santin

Interview With Artist & Successful Trader Andrey Santin

Andrey Santin is a young Youtuber & Artist who started making youtube videos in 2015, he now also does Forex & provides tips for others on how to move in global markets and how to learn more about business and life.

In this article we Interview the successful trader and ask him a few questions about what kept him inspired, motivated and more.

What have you been able to achieve during your entrepreneurial journey?

Time is everything, enjoy life, work hard and always learn.

How do you avoid burnout and a stressful day?

One thing I do to avoid burnout & a stressful day is I go to the gym and start training, it helps me a lot personally.

Another thing I would recommend is to meditate and drink 3 liters of water a day.

What inspired you to become successful?

I’d say what inspired me the most to become successful was freedom and to make all the people that believe in me proud.

What are your main tips for a successful habit?

One of my main tips for successful habits is to focus on yourself and who supports you. This is the most important thing.

Another tip I would recommend is to read books, educate yourself, avoid negative people and enjoy life!

What keeps you motivated?

Helping people and seeing them happy and proud, helping each other is the strongest thing in this world. I have a goal and dreams, everyone should have.