Derek Candelore- An Inspiring Boxer and a Successful Entrepreneur

Derek Candelore- An Inspiring Boxer and a Successful Entrepreneur

Who is Derek Candelore?

Derek Candelore is a nationally well-known entrepreneur in the superior area of Pittsburgh. He is also a famous boxing coach. Derek has been inspiring people in many areas of life. He is a multi-talented man with extraordinary skills. He is a public figure and a great influencer for people not only in fitness or the boxing field but of all professions.

He is not only a boxer by profession but a fitness trainer and a successful entrepreneur. He is not only good in his profession but he is also a responsible and a good heart man. He is a great professional boxer but besides this, he is a good husband and father too.

He says that “you can only be as good as you are mentally. If you don’t believe in yourself that you can be the best in the world then you will never be there”

Derek Candelore as a Boxer:

Derek found that lifting dumbbells and heavy weights alone did not satisfy his thirst for success. So he began boxing. He recalls “Getting humility beat into him” while sparring local boxing Champions when he first began. That experience became an unforgettable one which led Derek to take part in fight matches and remain an unbeaten Pittsburgh Black, USA boxing amateur sectional champion, and Gold Heavyweight Champion, PA Golden Gloves, and a real student of the sport.

Derek Candelore as Entrepreneur and Fitness trainer:

Well, he didn’t stop himself in a boxing career. He decided to take a step in business as an entrepreneur in the health and fitness field.

After restless hard work, now he is a proficient entrepreneur and personal trainer. Derek Candelore Pittsburgh Entrepreneur opened his gym for the first time 20 years before and since then he has magnificently trained many fitness freaks. He got a Professional gym about 3000 square feet in Pittsburgh PA running his business like a boss with various achievements.

Luckily, this step was in his favor and motivated others as well. He inspired many young peoples to get fit and to adopt a healthy stress-free lifestyle. His focus is to improve your body, mind, and spirit. He has taught various semi-professional boxers and has many students persistently winning each year limitless boxing competitions in the core area of Pittsburgh.

He aids kids that would not be able to do boxing by offering them a free health center and pushes them to be trained in that optimism of boosting their lives and not letting their talent waste.

Derek Candelore as an Inspiration:

Derek Candelore is an independent person who has faith heavily in individuality. He inspires others to take courage to be unique and to dare to be themselves. In short, he is more than a boxer and fitness trainer.

According to him: “Other’s opinion of you is irrelevant, it’s your life, not theirs. The beauty of individuality is that every single person is different, so others who ask why you do this or wear that, is essentially asking – Why are people different. Your journey is yours and yours alone, without regrets, so if you practice not passing judgment onto others, critics’ opinions of you are typically pure ignorance and you should never allow them to slow your strides”

My final words about him:

Spiritual welfare is essential for an individual’s life and overall health. Derek unlike other coaches emphasizes its importance to his pupils and helps them to purify their spirit. He has faith in a life of stability where people have to give back and support the less well-off to change their lives. And the best part about his personality is that he always puts emphasis on improving health both by exercise and a healthy diet. He helps others to recognize in-depth about what’s holding them back from accomplishing their fitness goals and helps them to achieve those fitness goals.

For Contact:

If you are looking for someone who can guide you for fitness, No none can be better than him. You can easily contact him and can be part of his gym. You can join him. His videos related to training are there on YouTube as well.

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