Description of Behnam Khedri, a popular composer and singer, about his acquaintance with the principles of composing

Description of Behnam Khedri, a popular composer and singer, about his acquaintance with the principles of composing

Composing is the process of creating a new piece of music. Those who compose are called composers. Composing is the act of understanding a piece, the art of creating it, and creating it. A piece of music in composing form is created through a notation or a single audio event. A musical composition, if made before the performance, can be played from memory, through a written note, or a combination of both. Musical compositions contain musical elements that vary widely from person to person and across cultures. Improvisation is also the art of making music during a performance.

Composing is an art that deals with the creation and production of a work. Because man is inherently interested in being creative, most music lovers have a great tendency to compose and to be composed. Contrary to popular belief, composing does not end with just composing a melody. A composer, according to his musical knowledge, creates a work of art, a work in which there is a harmonious structure, appropriate accompaniment, and so on.

Composing is actually sound painting. According to this interpretation, someone who can create a beautiful image in the listener’s mind with his techniques and taste is a composer. In fact, a composer is a sound painter!

At the non-professional level, all the steps of composing and arranging are usually done by one person, which often weakens the production effect. It should be noted that composing requires taste and art, but arranging requires training. Learning music theory is also a tool for arranging music. But in general, the act of composing and arranging pieces of music is one of the most complex sciences.

In the meantime, just playing a few chords may change the feeling that comes to the music listener. Unfortunately, in recent years, we have seen that the composer thinks about creating poetry and melody when composing a new work. This will make the music produced superficial. Because the music layers are not located on a solid and meaningful bass.

Composing and arranging should be based on a solid and meaningful basis that includes desirable lyrics, tasteful composition, and creative arrangement. A composer alone cannot be the creator of all music. Therefore, in the process of composing and arranging, it is better that the work of composing the song be done in a group and in consultation with knowledgeable people.

In pop music and its derivatives, first, according to the song, the composer performs a live instrument (classical guitar or piano), chords (chords) and melodies are extracted, which these steps (the initial process of composing) can be done in the presence of the author. First of all, a composer must have sufficient mastery of the science and knowledge of music and be familiar with percussion, harmony, counterpoint, orchestra conducting, and so on.

 A brief biography of Behnam Khedri

Behnam Khedri Gharibvand, nicknamed Behnam Khedri, was born on May 9, 1989 in Isfahan, Iran. He is one of the famous Iranian singer who has several famous music tracks in his career during his professional career.

The composer must be able to play at least one instrument and be familiar with the piano instrument. Because the composer usually uses the instrument when making a piece and also applies the tone and mood of the piece. Of course, it should be noted that playing an instrument is not mandatory and a composer can compose according to his musical knowledge only by whispering.

The composer should write down every little idea that comes to his mind or use audio recorders, computer, mini disc and… to record his short and small ideas and sentences. After writing the ideas and sentences, the composer should study and analyze them more carefully and correct the shortcomings. The composer should repeat the sentences more or less if necessary and where necessary.