Presenting new music sensation , Jafar Ghandali aka Jeff Ghandali

Zafar Ghandali aka Jeff Ghandali is a famous singer who has achieved a great position in the music industry on his own, yes I am talking about Jeff Ghandali, who hails from Budapest, Hungary who recently launched his four songs. and the response from the people has also been very good.

Jeff was born on April 16, 1993 in Budapest, Jeff is the only child of his parents, Jeff had decided in childhood that he wanted to grow up to be a singer. And Jeff started preparing for it from childhood, after finishing school, Jeff thought that now he should give his full attention to music but Jeff belongs to a middle class family, so he had to work part time in a private company. Got job. By which he also saw his family and also took good music training.

And it is the fruit of Jeff’s hard work that he launched songs one after the other, whose names are Mindset, Infinity, Multiverse, Reverse. As soon as these songs were launched, people liked it so much that Jeff’s fans are now eagerly waiting for his new song.

Jeff’s life was not easy before coming to the field of music, he has struggled a lot to achieve this position,And even after getting so much name, Jeff did not give up his principles, but he still lives by the same rules, Jeff follows a very disciplined life, he spends more and more time in his practice, he believes If we want to achieve anything in life, then we should respect time, then only time will help us.

Pál Kalmár was a famous singer, who is the inspiration of Jeff, Jeff is more influential than Pál Kalmár’s life . Jeff is very fond of old songs, his parents have supported him a lot in this struggle of Jeff, they believed in their son and they gave courage to Jeff. This has happened to some important things in his life, apart from this, Jeff is very fond of traveling, he has often gone out to roam the new world, Jeff is also very fond of films.

Today the whole Hungary is waiting for Jeff’s new song, people consider Jeff as their inspiration, Jeff is an example for Youngsters. Jeff’s life inspires all of us to never give up in life, and to pursue our dreams. And in the coming time, Jeff is going to bring many of his new bang songs.


Capturing Creativity: Kaile Goh on Picking Producers

Choosing who to work with can be the life or death of an artist in any field. Musician, singer, writer, and model Kaile Goh understands this personally as she navigates a transition in her music career in looking for a new producer. After becoming successful at a young age, she mutually parted with her record label and, following a fruitful pursuit of modeling, she is looking to revamp her career once more. In an interview, she described the processes of finding a new producer and some of the challenges that face artists. She explains, “Literally everything [is hard]. That’s why artists have managers because it’s actually close to impossible to do this on your own. Right now, I’m trying to get my music out there. I want people to hear my music and feel what I felt when I wrote it, so I think that’s the hardest part. Just getting people to listen.” And Kaile revealed, “I don’t produce my own music and I’m not working with anyone right now. I’m on the hunt for a good producer that can get my demos out there and my new songs I write in my room, sounding better than the last. I’d love nothing more than to release music but like I said I’m on the hunt.” Despite being currently unsigned, Kaile sits perfectly poised to jump at any opportunity or trend with her backgrounds in music and modeling and her undeniable talent.

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Knzoo Rushes Onto The Scene With ‘Kryptonite’ EP

Rushing onto the scene, upcoming singer and songwriter Knzoo has been catching fire with his newest release ‘Kryptonite’. The 3 song EP marks the artist’s debut to all major streaming platforms.

On ‘Kryptonite’, Knzoo showcases his wide variety of sounds and styles that he is comfortable working with. For example, the project’s intro track features a slower, more melodic combination of sounds while the last track on the EP is driven by a drill beat.

Not everyone has heard of Knzoo yet, but the artist says he has big plans for next year. Having a number of different songs in the vault, we can only imagine what the next song will sound like.

You can listen to Knzoo here:

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nidal.m.lutfi’s meteoric rise in the music industry fascinates all

As a youngster himself, he has invoked the most profound feelings in people’s hearts with his outstanding sound.

The more we talk about the insane talents of the younger brigade from various sectors and fields and the kind of success they earn for themselves all by their own as self-made success stories, the more we feel the need to talk about them, for these individuals push limits, question the status quo, and only work around creating magic in their chosen niches. So many such talented beings have been consistently produced in the music industry of the world that have made a special place for themselves in the space, even at a global level. Aspiring to reach the global stage one day is nidal.m.lutfi, who, even among much saturation in the industry, stands tall as a unique talent.

nidal.m.lutfi says that just like any other kid from the neighbourhood, he too dreamed hard to become a part of the music world and saw himself in the front of the mic both in a studio and in large crowds. His first dream is already fulfilled because this young lad has given quite a few amazing tracks like Happy B, Jazzy Chromatica, Khalta, A Loss & Hope, and really hopes to come up with many new numbers in the coming times. He reveals that when initially he had shared these dreams of his to a few individuals, they tried to lower his confidence, but his attitude of never giving up and strong willpower helped him walk his path and stop for none.

Today, people have been loving all his songs and have said to include them in their favourite music list. “This, for me, is what success looks like. Taking small steps forward and never batting an eyelid, no matter the situation. People have been really appreciative of what I have created so far and have loved my signature sound, which has only motivated me to do even better each passing day,” highlights nidal.m.lutfi.

The youngster feels he has a long way to go and wants to learn many more new things to better his musical craft and eventually become the hot favourite artist of all listeners and music lovers. Listen to him on Spotify here


Can I become a singer? Signs of singing talent from the language of Khalil Bastaki, a famous Iranian musician and singer

Almost all human beings sing rubble, the ancients sing for their hearts in bathrooms and halls with high ceilings, and today, thanks to the Internet and sound tuning software, they become stars overnight and are forgotten until the next day. But among all these singers, the voice of some will be remembered forever. It does not matter how much music these people know; They sing from the heart and live with music.

If you are tired of the repetitive voices of today’s pop singers and you do not like any new music, read this article and if you have the conditions to become a singer, do it yourself.

1. Intrinsic readers always read. It does not matter if someone is around you, you are always whispering to yourself and nothing can stop you from enjoying it.

2. You love and value your own voice more than anyone else.

3. Do you love playing the instrument or have played it at least at some point in your life?

If you are a musician, you pay attention to the way you sound and the way you create different echoes from your instrument.

5. Instead of giving a gift to someone you love, you sing for them.

6. You love to see singers or musicians perform with emotion and you always discuss their performance.

By listening to music, you enter another world and forget the pain and sorrow.

8. You do not listen to music just for leisure. You can not focus on one thing at a time and listen to good music. When you listen to music while exercising, you do not notice the passage of time.

9. Part of your time during the day is spent thinking about music.

10. Music connects you to past feelings and memories. For example, listening to a particular piece of music reminds you of a friend, a birthday party, your lover, or your mother’s lullaby.

11. Music is a way to express your feelings. When you are upset or angry, music can calm you down and control your emotions.

12. A beautiful melody can make you feel emotional and give you a beautiful feeling while shedding tears. You are probably whispering the poem with the singer at the same time as the emotions are boiling.

You love collecting music collections from friends and family and always enjoy listening to new music.

14. Exchange music with your friends on social networks such as Telegram and Facebook, or in person, and enjoy discussing the music styles and playing styles of your favorite stars.

15. People around you say that by listening to music you become unconscious and forget about them. Not only will you not be upset, but you will be proud of it.

Khalil Bastaki is the real name of Seyed Khalil Hosseini, born on 9/11/1991 in Bastak. Khalil Bastaki started singing in celebrations and weddings in 2006 and has produced about fifty works so far.


Talks by famous Iranian singer and musician Reza Sajedi about the situation of music literacy in Iran

These days we see a lot of music tracks that have no proper poem content, no beautiful arrangement and melody, and interesting here. Even the singers no longer have the power of the old singers. One of the most prominent reasons is “the low level of knowledge and awareness of music producers from composers to singers.” Software and a few VSTs and a small studio can be a great title for composing and arranging, a title that many, after years of effort and experience, do not even allow themselves to approach !!! With such thinking, the basic learning of music gradually disappeared and many people introduced themselves as composers or arrangements just by learning a few music softwares. Something we see in many professions !!! The bigger result was an increase in the production of low-quality works in the country. Why should Iran, which has many talents in music and art, import music from neighboring countries?

It is bitter when we enter a professional music studio. The so-called music producers still have difficulty understanding the basic concepts of music. These facts cannot be denied and hidden when an arranger and composer is not yet able to write a certain amount of notes. How can one remain silent? How can one expect the progress of the country’s music ???

Short biography of Reza Sajedi

Reza Sajedi ( رضا ساجدی )  is a famous Iranian singer and pop musician. Reza has released many official music that can be found in a short search in global markets.

Reza was born on September 30, 1995. His full name is Reza Sajedi Abkenar. He entered the field of music at the age of 13 and studied pop with the country’s top professors.


Music Has Always Been In Singer Aaron Kaplan’s DNA

From the age of 6, Aaron Kaplan has been playing music and expanding his abilities as a musician, songwriter, and guitarist. The artist made his debut to all streaming platforms back in 2018, but began his career earlier than that. Kaplan graduated Berklee College Of Music in Boston in 1996, eventually working with high profile artists like David Bowie and Britney Spears.

Originally from New York, Kaplan moved around as a kid. He was born into a military family and attended over 13 different schools growing up as his family re-deployed nearly every year until he was about 14.

The artist currently has a publishing deal with Sony/Extreme music, but works on his own music and remains a free agent to this day. Everything Kaplan releases is self-produced, written and performed.

The artist has released a plethora of tracks on all streaming platforms, including his most recent album ‘The Moonshine Music Co: Rockabilly’. The 11-song project marks the artist’s first release since 2019. Kaplan did tell us that he plans to release more music soon.

You can listen to the project here:

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How Aryan Shukla is developing his fame as a Singer & Songwriter

The Indian music industry is filled with talented singers. There are many roles related to singing, like being an artist or performer; but one can’t become famous without having that special something – whether it’s looks or voice quality- which sets them apart from others and wins over audiences’ hearts! However at times this field may be too tough for some aspiring talents who might not receive adequate attention due their location in society (scanty resources). But now all hope isn’t lost because there exist various platforms where artists get more visibility than before such as Spotify, Apple Music, JioSaavn, Gaana and More. The market demand has created new opportunities especially on streaming services where people listen versus purchasing physical albums. 

Aryan Shukla is an entrepreneur, singer and songwriter. He’s been able to touch the lives of many people through his music career while also running PR firms that help other artists get their deserved spotlight in this competitive industry. Now everyone loves him even more after they found out about how talented he really was because every time one if Ayran’s songs gets shared on social media there are always kind words or congratulations: “good job,””you deserve all your success.” etcetera!

Aryan is a music producer and entrepreneur. He created The Media Segment, India’s fastest-growing PR agency. Aryan’s work was also distributed across Spotify, Apple Music, JioSaavn Gaana or any other streaming service you subscribe to! With his new single ” Saheba “, Aryan made it possible for people all overIndia to enjoy this beautiful song which came out because of its lyrics written by Rajjo Senpai and Devansh Pandey sung lead vocalist role . In an interview given after releasing these two tracks onto YouTube last week , he said there will be more releases later this year without giving too much info away just yet but did mention that they’re looking for more genuine and involving songs to work on.

Aryan is an artist from India who has been working to empower the underdog industry. Not only does he want people with talent and resources, but also those without enough power or money–the outcasts of society-to reach their desired audience base which oftentimes may not include them because they don’t have any assets at first glance; so many talented individuals never get seen for what they are capable of becoming through their talent as these types of barriers preventing potential success before it even starts! Alongside providing support through his business along with clientele earnings globally provides another facet in making change happen -you must work hard and smart together says this young man.

We wish Aryan all of luck for future endeavors.; You can follow him on his Instagram @aryanshukla_06 or his blogs at Mentors Weekly


After a success on Hoja Meri R&B Singer Eric Stephen comes back with his new release “Kho Gaya Hu”

Hoja Meri, a song with more than 100,000+ views on YouTube, Eric Stephen an R&B Singer from Kolkata comes back with a New Single “Kho Gaya Hu” produce by Ricky on the Beat written & composed by Eric Stephen.

It’s a song about a boy who fell in love with a girl and gets lost in her love Kho Gaya Hu. With a stunning visual directed by SH² FLIMS edited by $uraj & Eric Stephen himself. A great combination of Audio & Visual audience will absolutely love this song. 

It is set to be released on 3rd August 2021 on the DC Christiano films YouTube channel, as well as on all major Digital Music Streaming Platforms.

Eric Stephen began his musical journey by sharing a cover of a song “It’s You” originally performed by Ali Gatie which gained 20000+ plays on SoundCloud. Inspired by American R&B singer Chris Brown, he wrote a song called Hoja Meri, which helped him to make his name in Music Industry. From featuring on Rolling Stone Magazine to get his song played on Famous Radio Station of Kolkata Radio City 91.1 he never imagined his success to be like this. According to a bio of Dreamerz Instagram, he is now a co-founder of DREAMERZ a music label currently working with Believe Distribution Services.

To know more about Eric Stephen’s song ‘Kho Gaya Hu’, enjoy the video.

Image Credit:  Eric Stephen’s Instagram


DeVon True’s song Odyssey went viral in South Korea

DeVon True has successfully carved a niche for himself as a singer in Hollywood with his uptempo voice and versatile songs. In an interview with him, the appealing singer opens up about his music idols and much more.

Inspiration comes from many different places to DeVon True. Let’s face it, when you have a job or any kind of regular commitment, there are going to be some days when you don’t want to do it. This goes for everyone, even musicians who couldn’t imagine doing anything else! Artists have to refuel their motivation and inspiration. To him, it came from something relatively standard, like watching another artist produce great work. For instance, there have been times when he has been deeply inspired while listening to Pharrell Williams at three in the morning in the dark. Not only this he has been deeply inspired by his father and brother who also shared a dream of doing it big in the music industry.

He has loved the art of expressing himself through music. Today, DeVon’s music has reached a whopping 40k monthly listeners on Spotify with only 3 songs released & over 300k streams on his breakout song titled “Odyssey”. With the recent release of his music video, Odyssey, which has since gone viral with South Korean Sensation “Yool”. The video that Yool created has amassed more than 3 million views in less than a week. DeVon was formerly in a duo called “Starrset” where they’ve toured the world (London, Japan) & released music under universal Japan. DeVon has also been on camera interviewed by “Young Holllywood”. It is indeed thrilling to see dreams coming true.

DeVon True is like no one else because he dares to deliver who HE is. Don’t miss out on the latest updates of the singer DeVon True on his Instagram and YouTube channels.