Description of Hadi Borhan, a popular Iranian singer and composer, regarding the understanding of poetry on music

Description of Hadi Borhan, a popular Iranian singer and composer, regarding the understanding of poetry on music

Poetry is a kind of multidimensional language, and the poet is like a musician who plays on a stringed instrument and produces more than one sound at a time. The language of poetry is a language oriented towards the whole universe, man and the world, not only towards the understanding of the listener and the intellectual dimension of man.

The poet pauses on the words as the painter on the colors and the composer on the sounds.

Hadi Borhan added: “In my opinion, we can say about poetry that” it is the entanglement of emotion and imagination that is formed in a melodic language. “

Because in poetry both emotion and imagination are involved and human thoughts are embodied in it;

The music of poetry is not limited to the form of prose and the sea of ​​poetry, but the kind of connection of words with each other and the rhythms of poetry.

1- Rhyme and line, which is called side music of poetry.

2- Internal music, which is the harmony and combination of words and the specific resonance of each letter in the vicinity of another letter.

3- External music, which is the weight of prosody, based on the tensions and inclinations that have been discussed a lot in prosody books and do not fit into our discussion.

He added: “Rhyme is also a corner of music, the most important importance of rhyme is its musical aspect.” The ancients considered rhyme as a part of weight and considered it as a complement to the weight of poetry

Weight is the biggest element in defining poetry, and it also includes rhyme, which leads to necessity.

But is there a difference between poetry and prose in music?

 Poetry is dance and prose is walking. In poetry, weight, rhyme, line of verbal and spiritual industries, harmony, musical elements of poetry, etc. play a role in style or composition. And also with other elements of poetry, they create a single and coherent whole.

Pleasure comes from all the components and elements. But in prose, these elements are less and the way of dealing with them is also different.

The field of prose is closer to the realm of order than to poetry, and therefore closer to the interior of language than to the interior of language.

Hadi added: Unlike prose, poetry does not realize an end outside of itself, the end of poetry is movement, not achieving a destination and language for it is a goal, not a means. Basically, this is pure poetry.

Hadi Borhan added: “In poetry, words are transformed into sounds, and in prose, sounds.”

Inner music: Many music poets have taken their poetry out of nature and the world.