Description of Kourosh Zarandooz, famous and popular Iranian singer, musician and YouTuber about the secret of becoming a musician

Description of Kourosh Zarandooz, famous and popular Iranian singer, musician and YouTuber about the secret of becoming a musician

Do not limit yourself to the middle part of the instrument or parts of the instrument that you have more control over. Use all your expander. Quite the opposite, the parts of the instrument that are often less used give more beauty to your accompaniment with music.

– You need to know the step or steps (probably if there is a modulation) of your desired piece of music and be able to play it well. Because knowing the step makes it easier for the person to perform the reciprocating movements that are necessary to accompany.

– Do not keep the dynamics of your accompaniment constant and always perform the accompaniment with different feelings and in accordance with the piece.

– Do not use uniform articulation. Many beginners always do either legato or staccato, which adds to the monotony of your work. Use all possible methods to change the tone of the playing and the expression of the melody.

What are the factors that speed up a musician and how to practice speed pieces

First of all, a good musician is not necessarily a fast musician. 7 factors indicate the ability of a musician, one of which is speed. One of the factors to increase the speed in the musician is primarily exercise. Must have a healthy body and not be addicted to drugs or cigarettes. Have proper nutrition and sleep. Do the exercises only to the extent of preparation and strengthening the muscles and avoid putting too much pressure. Then it is time to practice music, such as doing jokes and steps in such a way that it is practiced from low speed to high and every day. Dedicate a section to speed training in practice sessions because speed happens slowly and you will become a fast musician over the years.

-Record your exercises

By recording and listening to your own exercises and improvisations, you will find that you use sentences or sometimes techniques that are unique to you. This process determines how you compare and contrast with another musician.

– Try to learn the song by ear

The best musicians and musicians in the world have very careful ears. The fastest way to have a strong ear in music is to play your favorite songs without looking at the sheet music or tablature of that piece. Learning pieces at a basic level can be done with a note or tablature, but for an intermediate and advanced musician whose goal is to find his own style, the notes of the song will cause you to get caught up in a certain pattern.

Maybe you have another technique for playing a song in your head. Another point is that you do not need to repeat the notes exactly, try to play the piece smoothly and comfortably when playing the song.