Exclusive interview with Farzaneh Dehghani, world Olympic champion

Exclusive interview with Farzaneh Dehghani, world Olympic champion

Tell us about yourself?

I am Farzaneh Dehghani Unarti, who started playing gymnastics at the age of 4 and started taekwondo at the age of ten, and after a few years of training, I was able to get dan 1 in taekwondo in 2002. Then I got interested in wushu, which associated competitions were held for the first time in Iran and because of my sports background I won the first place in the provincial competitions and also my sister was able to win the wushu championship due to her karate background and we for the first time In 2003 became the first champion sisters to win a medal at the Asian Games in Singapore as the Iranian national team.

Why did you choose this sport?

Winning the championship in this field and participating in the national team and being sent to international competitions and winning medals and glorifying the Iranian flag and team in international arenas was the main reason why my sister and I stayed in this field.

If you hadn’t specialized in this field, what other field would you have gone for?

I was interested in wrestling, judo, powerlifting, and football, and I’ve already participated in various competitions in the field of powerlifting and won several medals. Also, in the field of football, I was able to challenge my skills in the Georgian Football Master League as the first Iranian women’s team and to glory there.

How successful do you think you have been in your sport so far?

I have certainly been successful in winning several worlds and Asian medals in youth and adults’ teams, as well as winning the top Olympic medal in the field of wushu, where participation in the Olympics and ending with a medal are a dream of every athlete.

What are your plans for the future?

I am currently in Georgia and I play for the Georgian team and my sports plans or better say my dream is to participate in another Olympics and win another beautiful medal, as well as progress along with other sportsmen and athletes to participate in the international arenas to achieve pride and glory for my country.

To sum up

The greatest moments for an athlete are to be on the championship podium and to hoist his national flag on the great sports fields, and the pleasure and greatness of these moments cannot and will not be compared to anything.