Destiny is shaped by the character: the triumph of political scientist Maksim Lamash

Destiny is shaped by the character: the triumph of political scientist Maksim Lamash

At only 24, Maksim Lamash – a Political Scientist, Philosopher, and Juris Doctor candidate – has achieved remarkable success, surpassing many who have been in the field for a much longer time.

Maksim Lamash, born in Yekaterinburg in 1998, gained entry to the prestigious British school called Bishopstrow College at age 12. The following year, he enrolled in the well-established educational institution Highfield & Brookham Schools, founded in 1892 by Mr. EA Wells. 

After completing middle school in England, Lamash relocated to the USA in 2013 and was accepted into the American Heritage School and later Pepperdine University.

Maksim Lamash recounts, “Upon being admitted to Pepperdine University, I initially had an interest in international business. However, my dislike of the math curriculum led me to take an Introduction to U.S. policy course, which I enjoyed so much that I switched my major to study the U.S. political system.”

After obtaining his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Pepperdine University, Maksim Lamash not only won the international competition “Political Talent” but also chose to further his education in the challenging yet captivating field of law.

Maksim Lamash celebrated his 24th birthday in California in 2022, coinciding with his admission to the renowned Pepperdine Caruso School of Law where he will earn his Juris Doctor degree in 2024. Prior to that, he spent a year studying international law at Seton Hall Law.

According to Maksim Lamash, “In the U.S., conducting business or political activities effectively requires involvement with lawyers. Adhering to the adage “If you want something done right, do it yourself”, I chose to earn a Juris Doctor degree to reduce reliance on others and achieve my goals independently.”

In 2017, Maksim Lamash began his career as a publicist and analyst, publishing two books in three years. These books, covering the role of the United States in contemporary geopolitics and the impact of President Trump’s impeachment, were printed in a total run of 10,000 copies and recognized as valuable works for library collections.

In addition, Maksim Lamash is the author of a number of articles on the Balkan Crisis, the U.S. Senate election, and the United States’ foreign and domestic policies toward space exploration.

Maksim Lamash’s latest research focuses on the role of law in real estate investment. He published a lengthy article based on his findings, which was accepted for publication in a prestigious international journal.

In 2018, Maksim Lamash’s determination and success, through which he was conquering his own Olympus, caught the attention of Paul Strauss, a senator from the District of Columbia. Impressed with Maksim’s unwavering pursuit of his goals, Senator Strauss invited him to work as his personal assistant at the Law Offices of Senator Strauss, marking a significant accomplishment.

Maksim says, “I am immensely grateful to Senator Paul Strauss for the invaluable experience I gained while working with him. I will definitely apply it as this is truly practical knowledge, not just something read in textbooks.”

“Impossible” is just a fancy way of saying “challenging”

Despite his packed schedule, including studying at law school and running a real estate investment business, Maksim Lamash finds time for reading. He is meticulous in his book selection, as well as in everything else in his life. “I am opting for fiction like Stephen King throughout the year and philosophical works like Niccolò Machiavelli’s “The Prince” during the holidays.”

Maksim Lamash has the desire to travel to South America. “I gained extensive travel experience, having visited almost every state in the U.S. and various regions in Europe, Africa, and Asia. However, South America remains on my bucket list and I hope to visit there soon.”

Maksim Lamash values the pursuit of knowledge, honesty, and persistence as his dominant personality traits, but prioritizing a loving family is what truly matters to him.

Maksim believes that every individual is unique, but acknowledges the absence of perfect individuals. He admits, “There is not one person I consider perfect. I judge people based on their actions, regardless of their social status, and seek to build relationships with those who share my values. Despite having many acquaintances from my travels across three countries, I have only a few close friends.”

For Maksim Lamash, “impossible” is just a label with no real significance. What’s important to him are clear objectives and a set plan to achieve them. With steady determination, he moves towards his goals, adjusting them if needed, but never backing down.

According to Maksim Lamash, “Although I was not born in the United States of America, I have aspirations to run for U.S. senator’s seat in the future.” We can confidently say that we have no doubt he will be successful in that endeavor as well.