Nadezhda Sapozhnikova, a famous epilation master,  confessed why she goes on tour

Nadezhda Sapozhnikova, a famous epilation master,  confessed why she goes on tour

Nadezhda Sapozhnikova is a qualified master of epilation in the “premium suite” class. It is not that easy to get to her session – there is a queue for several months. Among the clients of the specialist are both men and women.

What is the secret of such success? Nadezhda Sapozhnikova told us about it in an exclusive interview.

– Why are your services so popular?

– I treat each of my customers with an individual approach – I only select components, techniques, weight proportions based on the type of skin and overall sensitivity of my client’s body.

– Isn’t the epilation compound the same for everyone?

– Of course it’s not! For example, someone is susceptible to wax, but does not tolerate sugar. Another case is when the person has a prohibitive  pain threshold, while the skin is hypersensitive. It means that a person does not feel anything, but the skin is burning in the meantime. There are many nuances like these.

– But, how is it usually done?

– First of all, I clean the working area with wax, since it is more gentle to the skin. I bring the result to perfection with the usage of sugar – when combined with the right proportions, you get an astonishing effect.

– A lot of men come to see you.

– Yes, and that’s totally fine! I’m glad they understand how important it is to look after yourself. And that personal hygiene is not an empty word, but really the key to health.

– Are there any celebrities among your clients?

– Yes, but I won’t name who exactly they are, for obvious reasons. All I can say is that I’ve got actors, popular bloggers, and beauty pageant winners.

– Your husband is also your business partner?

– Yes, Kirill deals with organizational matters.

You’re about to go on an interesting tour.

– This is true. We have planned a tour in the big cities of the United States. We will live in each of them for one month so that everyone will be able to come to me for a session of hair removal.

– Why did you decide to make this trip?

– Because we believe that quality services should be accessible to everyone. Not only for those people who can easily put a serious amount of money on beauty procedures, but also for those who dream of doing a really cool waxing, but can not afford it because of the high cost.

Professional hair removal is just like beautiful clothes or a good photo – it really increases a person’s self-esteem. Moreover, this procedure can fundamentally change a person’s life. I know a lot of cases, when people have lost their beautiful romantic relationships only because they were afraid or shy to go to the waxing. Or maybe there was no money for a good master. It shouldn’t be like that.

– You’re an extra-class specialist. Perhaps your colleagues would like to learn from you how to become as successful as you?

– I had the experience of conducting master classes. Several students have mastered the profession, and now make good money.

– Perhaps in the future you will open your own school on aesthetic hair removal or even write a book about it?

 – Maybe (laughs). Everything is possible.