Determined to take hip hop music to exponential success is Danny Duenas with his music app ‘My Mixtapez.’

Determined to take hip hop music to exponential success is Danny Duenas with his music app ‘My Mixtapez.’

Danny Duenas has shown how hip hop culture and music needs to be promoted through robust apps like My Mixtapez.

It is always very surreal to learn and know about all those individuals who believe in working along the current trends of their respective industries. They like to embrace change and, at the same time, make ground-breaking innovations that may astound others in the industry and all around the world. Through their strong belief, confidence and conviction, they create new things and bring about a profound change in the industry they work for. Danny Duenas serves as one of the finest examples of such entrepreneurs and creators who dived into the tech industry with his brothers Ricky and Juan Duenas and since then, this powerful force has never looked back. Danny Duenas wanted to do something in the web/app development niche and this took him towards creating My Mixtapez, which today stands as one of the best and the fastest-growing music apps that particularly specializes in providing hip hop numbers and tracks, even the ones which people would hardly find anywhere else.

“I felt the need to promote great hip hop talent, not just because all of us love hip hop, but also because these great talents need a bigger platform for their work of art in music to get featured so that they can reach a greater audience and prove their mettle in hip hop,” says the ace co-founder of My Mixtapez. My Mixtapez is a rapidly growing music app that is available on IOS, Android and Windows. It is an app that serves one of the most refreshing and coolest hip hop songs with just a click. Also, My Mixtapez has grown to offer daily music news.

Recalling the time when Danny and his brothers thought of creating My Mixtapez, Danny says that people hardly believed in this idea and their talent to make this possible, but it was pure conviction and passion that helped them to not just launch My Mixtapez but also scale it to exponential levels of success over the years, which today has over 5.7 million users already. With the aim to help people enjoy some great and exclusive hip hop music and inspire the youth through the same, Danny Duenas has been working day and night to grow My Mixtapez and come up with a more unique collection that would only leave the music lovers to crave for more.

Danny Duenas is also happy with the team he has created that handpicks the best hip hop tracks for reaching millions of people who use the app. They are now planning to expand the brand to also incorporate other genres like EDM and Brazilian music. Want to know more? Follow them on Instagram @mymixtapez and visit the website,