Japan may transfer troops to Diaoyu islands over expanded Chinese action: Report

Japan may transfer troops to Diaoyu islands over expanded Chinese action: Report

Japan is thinking about sending troops in the midst of reports of surge in Chinese movement close to the Tokyo-controlled Diaoyu islands, reports say.

As indicated by reports, the Chinese coastguard has expanded its presence in the contested waters close to the islands. The expanded action comes after China executed another law that permits its military force to utilize weapons against foreign ships that Beijing sees as illicitly entering its waters.

As indicated by the Japanese coast guard, China’s activity in its waters rose from twice a month a year ago to two times per week in February. As indicated by a Japanese authority, Tokyo is frightened by the new activity and is thinking about a reaction.

The official said that self-defence forces can utilize weapons as law implementation against unlawful exercises. The official added that Japan doesn’t mean to heighten strains with China, however will attempt to build pressure on the diplomatic front.

The United States had before cautioned China against the utilization of force in disputed waters. The US has reaffirmed that the Senkaku islands in the East China Sea likewise claimed by Beijing, which it calls Diaoyu.

US President Biden had revealed to Japanese PM Yoshihide Suga prior that his administration is committed to protecting Japan including the Senkaku Island.

The Diaoyu islands, otherwise called Senkaku islands have long been an object of territorial dispute between Beijing and Tokyo.

A month ago, two Chinese ships had interfered into Japanese coastal waters close to the disputed islands as Japan held up a protest with China over the issue.