Detroit Native Quantum Is Making His Mark

Detroit Native Quantum Is Making His Mark

Ever since the 1950’s the city of Detroit has been in a decline due to deindustrialization. With this fall, room has been made for new life springing up, especially in the music industry. Today some of the big rappers in Detroit have been Big Sean, Eminem, and J Dilla to name a few. Now Quantum, from the East side, is on his way to leave his mark on the motor city as well. 

Quantum has recently been on a mission making his name known throughout his neighborhood. When he first started he was only 11 years old and rapped just for fun. He started rapping after his great grandmother passed away and used music and poetry as an outlet. Once in middle school, Quantum started performing at local school talent shows as well as poetry competitions. His peers then quickly saw the potential and started supporting the young artist. This momentum inspired him to perform for bigger crowds and Quantum started gaining statewide as well as national notoriety. 

After achieving a certain level of recognition, Quantum didn’t stop there. He used his network in music to help propel and start a business in the PR industry. Now Quantum not only promotes his own music, but promotes thousands of celebrities, artists, and businesses through influencers campaigns. The two business models, music and PR, complement each other perfectly and is part of the reason the artist is succeeding today. 

Not only has Quantum made his mark with his music but he has also used his influence and networking skills to found marketing companies. With these two enterprises, Quantum will soon join the list of many greats who have made their stamp on the motor city of Detroit. 

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