Aluminum Box Sealing and waterproof design

Aluminum Box Sealing and waterproof design

On the road of aluminum box development, in addition to the conventional solid and durable, beautiful and generous, some instruments used to store precision equipment aluminum box has higher requirements, such as shock absorption, water-proof, etc. Let’s take a look at the waterproof sealing of aluminum box today.

The waterproof of aluminum box depends on two aspects: box design and sealant strip.

Box design:

The design of aluminum box has a very important influence on its tightness. The box at the supporting hinge and hinge should be completely closed, which requires the manufacturer to control the accuracy more strictly in the production process.

Sealant strip:

After the box is closed, there are inevitably some gaps between the metals, and these gaps need to be sealed by rubber strips. Adding a sealant strip around the opening of the aluminum box can have a better sealing effect.

Attachment: waterproof grade
According to the industry standard, the waterproof grade of aluminum box can be divided into the following categories:

0: no protection
1: There is no effect when water drops into the shell
2: When the shell is tilted to 15 degrees, the water drop into the shell has no effect
3: No effect of water or rain from 60 degree corner to shell
4: The liquid splashed on the shell from any direction has no harm effect
5: No harm by washing with water
6: Can be used in cabin environment
7: It can withstand water immersion in a short time (1m)
8: Immersion for a long time under a certain pressure

Generally, the waterproof grade of aluminum box is more than grade 4-5. For Grade 7 and grade 8 waterproof aluminum box, you can call the manufacturer to make it.

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