Developer persuades Apple to twist App Store rules on subscriptions

Developer persuades Apple to twist App Store rules on subscriptions

The developer of a firewall and VPN application has effectively figured out how to challenge the App Store rules that govern the application review process, empowering it to offer a day pass subscription that isn’t commonly permitted under the standards.

During WWDC, Apple uncovered a significant change to the review process of applications and updates being submitted to the App Store, enabling developers to challenge rules in situations where applications are dismissed for violations. In posts made on Twitter, it appears to be one developer has figured out how to effectively exploit the new process.

Guardian VPN organizer Will Strafach uncovered on Twitter on August 14 that Apple had dismissed updates to the application except if a Day Pass office was removed. The particular standard that was being abused was 3.1.2(a), which identifies with how an auto-renewing subscription should last at least seven days, far longer than the 24 hours the day pass would give.

Subsequent to challenging the update, an application update was approved for the store one day later, however the challenge was all the while continuous. 9to5Mac recognized an update from Strafach on August 29, expressing the rule challenge was successful, and that the day pass would at present be accessible to use in an upcoming version 2 update.

“I am unsure when the text of the App Store Guidelines will be publicly updated on this matter, but keep an eye out,” writes Strafach. I am fairly impressed that this new ability to challenge and change App Store guidelines is genuine, and the expeditious turnaround time.”

The complaint by Apple was generally late in the application’s life, as it has offered a day pass feature for some time already, and was just an issue since August. The circumstance on August 14 corresponds with Apple’s issue with Epic Games’ update to “Fortnite” that used direct payments rather than the App Stores in-application payment mechanism on August 13, which initiated a significant legal battle between Epic and Apple.