Devices From OnePlus and Oppo Will Support Gemini Later This Year

Devices From OnePlus and Oppo Will Support Gemini Later This Year

OnePlus and Oppo will begin to include Gemini LLM into their devices in 2024, according to a confirmation from Google made during Google Cloud Next ’24.

In case you were unaware, Gemini is available in many tastes. Gemini Nano is the one that is delivered most often. This is featured on the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, but the Gemini Pro and Gemini Ultra are two more potent LLMs. While Nano may be used on-device, the latter two require Google Cloud in order to function.

OnePlus and Oppo reaffirmed their decision to include Gemini into hardware during Google’s annual conference. A “AI toolbox,” news and audio summaries, and other features are planned to be introduced. It’s unclear at this point what further could be added.

The General Manager of AI Product at Oppo and OnePlus, Nicole Zhang, said: “Our deep collaboration with Google Cloud throughout our journey is pivotal. Google Cloud’s open platform capabilities holds profound significance for OPPO’s advancement of AI Phones.”

“Later this year” was the sole timeline provided for the Gemini integration on OnePlus and Oppo smartphones, but more information is likely to surface in the months to come. Though no specific devices were mentioned, it’s possible that OnePlus and Oppo phones highlight their competitive features in comparison to the Pixel 8 series and the recently released Galaxy S24, which both draw on Google’s AI expertise to power their own AI tools.

Additionally, OnePlus announced that the first AI tools for smartphones like the OnePlus 12 will be released, coinciding with this Gemini announcement. Just a few days ago, the AI Eraser tool went live, and it may be the beginning of a larger push toward LLM-powered features in the next ColorOS 15 update later this year.