YouTube Music Expands Podcast Functionalities in Response to User Input

YouTube Music Expands Podcast Functionalities in Response to User Input

Those who were looking for a smooth transition to YouTube Music’s new podcast features have been disappointed.

There are growing concerns about YouTube’s audio streaming service lacking important capabilities as Google kills its dedicated Podcasts app.

The folks behind YouTube’s podcast have noticed the issues and have responded to user complaints on Reddit.

On the main screen, they showcased some of the most recent improvements, including enhanced search, sorting options, and tailored podcast recommendations.

Still, these adjustments feel more like Band-Aid fixes than the revamp that the podcast experience sorely needs at this time.

Serious podcast listeners have quickly pointed out that YouTube Music lacks certain basic features when compared to the Google Podcasts app, which is being discontinued.

There are glaringly missing basic features like personalized playlists, premium audio effects, and auto-downloading new episodes.

An Incoherent YouTube Podcast Experience

It’s a perplexing circumstance, particularly in light of the fact that when the migration plan was initially disclosed more than a year ago, YouTube Music was acknowledged as the preferred podcasting center.

You’d think that with so much time to prepare, the transfer of popular podcast features would go more smoothly.

Instead of a polished podcast powerhouse ready to replace a separate app, customers are faced with a basic product that feels more like a minimum viable offering.

To its credit, YouTube launched RSS feed uploads early in 2024 and has progressively increased the podcasting capabilities available to artists.

However, from the perspective of the listener, the platform is lagging behind.

As a corporation hoping to combine music and podcasts into a single premium YouTube experience, Google’s launch has been underwhelming thus far.

Supporters are hoping the self-described “rough” start is temporary and heralds impending significant improvements.

If not, YouTube runs the risk of losing out on its enormous audience and allowing competing podcast players to take the lead with better, more feature-rich products.