Dez2fly Surpasses 3 Million TikTok Followers

Dez2fly Surpasses 3 Million TikTok Followers

Dez2fly is a blossoming star in the world of comedy and online content creation. In a short amount of time, he has come onto the scene, created a strong following, and has been putting smiles on millions of faces. That’s not a typo, we said millions. Dez2fly currently has 3.1 million followers on TikTok and he has 92.9 million likes. Hard to be anything but impressed at that.

Even more impressive, he has built that TikTok following in just 13 months. The eye-popping stats aren’t just on TikTok either. On his YouTube channel, he already has over 300,000 subscribers and over 50 million views. His Instagram channel? Just 162,00 followers to this point.

Okay, you get the point. Dez2fly’s buzz is both real and palpable.

With all of this said, there is certainly way more to the story than just his stats, even as impressive as they are.

His story starts in New Jersey where he was born and raised. His rise to popularity has been as what his bio describes as a multi-dimensional social media influencer and comedic video creator. Capitalizing on TikTok’s growing user-base, Dez has been able to put his comedy in front of large audiences and the payoff has been immense.

Speaking of his beginnings, we asked Dez what got him into comedy and video creation. In short, he describes himself as a former introvert who had always had his eye on making humorous videos. Once his collegiate football career was over he made the leap. As his success grew so did his confidence.

Watching his content it’s difficult to imagine that he ever had reservations about getting in front of the camera, it really looks and feels like a natural fit.

This turn from camera shy to blossoming star just continues to highlight how incredible his quick rise in the digital world is. We asked Dez what his “X-Factor” was that has allowed him to build this following so quickly.

“It has to be the quality. I feel like I can deliver quality comedy content.”

He went on to also cite his acting as a driving factor. We agree. One of the great elements of his content is his storylines and ability to play multiple characters in his videos.

To add an additional point from us, we find the content extremely genuine and relatable. There aren’t any forced punchlines or ‘slap-stick’ tricks. We love his “takes a weird turn” series that is hilarious and often plays on funny scenarios we have all found ourselves in to some degree.

The explosion of video content based apps has really reshaped and transformed the comedy industry and the way people consume this type of content. That was evident in Dez’s story when he mentioned being heavily influenced by Vine and creators like King Bach.

When we asked him more formally about influences here are some names that he gave us. Kevin Hart, Melvin Gregg, CalebCity, LongBeachGriffy, DeStorm Power, and as we mentioned above, King Bach. This a strong list of heavy hitters.

To this point, we have covered a lot of where Dez2fly is from, how he got here, and the success since his arrival on the scene. At De Novo, we are also fascinated with artists and content creators creative process. For a guy who has created nearly 200 video’s on YouTube alone, we had to know what his content planning and creation process looked like.

“Over the years I feel like I developed a muscle to come up with content. Before, it used to be super hard when I first began, but over time, from doing it for so long, I can come up with content just like that.”

This answer shouldn’t be surprising. The more you do anything, the more you work at a craft, the more natural it becomes. From hitting a baseball, to building computers, to writing comedy content.

One interesting anecdote and insight he gave us was that he likes to take a hot shower, then lay in bed, dim the lights down, and then spend hours thinking of content. He also noted that when that creative spark hits, he has to script it out right away. If you’ve ever been in the creative space, you know that feeling all too well.

Speaking of showers, one of Dez’s most popular videos is centered around those times when we were kids and we were too tired to shower and our parents weren’t having it. See, we told you how relatable his content was.

You can check out that video below.

That certainly brings back some tough childhood memories for us.

The point that we keep coming back to is that Dez has three strong selling points in our humble opinion. His comedy is hysterical, his videos and acting are of the highest quality, and his content is very relatable for all of us from a life perspective standpoint.

That’s our two cents. But, one last thing that we really wanted to know from the man himself was why he thinks people should take a few minutes to check him and his content out.

“Not only do I have comedy videos, but I also have motivational stories. This (combination) allows me to project my full personality. I’m using my platform to also help my fans out.”

We love this message. Sure, first and foremost he’s hear to entertain you and put a smile on your face. But, outside of that, he’s working to share his story, share motivation, and help you find a way to your best self. That’s a message that is easy to get behind and support.

It’s also important to note this message isn’t just lip service. In the modern, multi-platform, social media driven world, you can’t grow a following without a real connection with your audience. The massive stats that Dez2fly has amassed is a testament to how his message his resonating with his fan base.

Dez is certainly a comedian and content creator to keep on your radar going forward. Check out his links below and be sure to follow.