Different types of styles in music according to Mehrad Kohanbaba, a famous Iranian musician

Different types of styles in music according to Mehrad Kohanbaba, a famous Iranian musician

The term “classic music” generally refers to a broad collection of different styles and forms that are linked together. The classic music itself means European classical music.

In some cases, this term is referred to the traditional music of other nations and creates phrases such as Indian classical music and Chinese classical music.

There is no precise definition for classic music, however, simply speaking, the artworks in this genre are often made by specialists who have acquired the musical sciences.

There are many definitions for pop music, and the best one is that “the music that has origin in the society and people’s heart”    

The prominent feature of pop music is the prosperity and cheerfulness in its content and the relaxing aspect of it. Although people are not on the same level, when making a pop piece and calling it pop, whether the song is blue or happy, it must relate to the society and people’s hearts so that it would transfer the feeling of sadness or happiness, relief, hope, and consolation.

There is a special type in music that is arisen from Folk Blues, Ragtime, and European musical styles. This style is the first significant art form that has been developed in the US. This type of music has witnessed considerable improvements since the time of its advent in the 20s, and many styles such as Bop, Cool Jazz, Jazz Fusion Bebop, and Hard have been branched out of it. Jazz music was an instrumental style at first in which saxophone and trumpet are the main and most common instruments. 

It is a vocal and instrumental style and has been originated in African-American societies in the US. The main origin of this music can be found in religious costumes, songs of black workers, and other factorsو and all of them has roots in West Africa. This style has mostly altered the modern music known as pop music in Europe and America. The impact of this style is evident in some styles like Roll, Ragtime & Jazz, Rock. Moreover, this style has inspired many composers in the field of classical music. By considering these powerful impacts, Blues style is the mother of all popular styles in America.