Ernest In Disguise, Upcoming Release On Solana Blockchain- The Hottest New Project

Ernest In Disguise, Upcoming Release On Solana Blockchain- The Hottest New Project

Ernest in Disguise has been the talk in the metaverse streets and amongst the most anticipated releases on the Solana blockchain. The affectionate alien previously lived as a misfit until his visit to Earth, where he found connection and love. The NFTs themselves are mind-blowing in design, dominating multiple social pages of stars such as Neyo, Amber Rose and The Game. 

Stunning us mere earthlings with 6,000 different disguises, Ernest is set to shock the metaverse on the 28th of November during the public sale. You might be asking, who made these spooky yet intricate designs? None other than professional 3-D artist Carlos Dattoli. This man has done several Marvel and DCs illustrative works as well as having been a part of two already sold out NFT projects, there really isn’t much he hasn’t done within the world of 3-D art and NFTs. 

Backing this highly acclaimed artist is the Ernest team of five who have laid the groundwork for a truly successful NFT project. They have amassed a large following on both their instagram and their very active discord, having over 15,000 devoted members in both. So where do they plan to take the project and what is in store for our favourite alien on the solana blockchain?

Well, with the Ernest team, it all comes back down to the community. Long gone are the days of NFTs being a mere PFP that celebrities would use to flex their exorbitant wealth to their peers. Just having a look into their discord, anyone can see that there is a community hyped around a truly magnificent project with stunning artwork and a promising future filled with giveaways and utility.

Looking at the very first thing that they will be doing during the mint, the Ernest team plans to host a 66 solana raffle to the first 25% of minters after the first 25% of the total supply has been sold during the public mint. From here, they plan to release a limited edition merch line contingent on 50% of the supply being sold. 10% of total minters will be randomly selected to have their very own Ernest NFT plastered onto their favourite piece of clothing… talk about making contact! 

This is where the true heart of the project comes in, Ernest In Disguise will be making a full-fledged comic at 75% sold!  Based around the Ernest origin story, which is currently available on their website, this comic will depict the story of Ernest and his life. Something that is truly remarkable with this however, is that the Ernest team will be giving holders the opportunity to feature their very own Ernest NFTs within the comic. This is a serious opportunity for holders as it gives them the chance to put their Ernest on the global stage, for readers and Ernest enjoyers to see and enjoy.

The last part of their minting plan is the Ernest Extravaganza. It is yet another solana giveaway (1000 total, 100SOL distributed to 10 lucky winners) which will occur after they sell out the project. For entry, you need only be holding an Ernest NFT in the following days after the mint to join into the raffle, where 1 NFT equals 1 raffle ticket entry.

So we got a bunch of solana being given away, some merch and a comic book all set up to take place shortly after the minting process ends. It is quite clear to see that the Ernest team are heavily dedicated to giving back to their community whilst providing them with plenty of content to bite on through the form of the comic.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, as all Ernest holders will be airdropped, at an undisclosed time post mint, a spaceship NFT to go alongside their Ernest NFT. Keep up with Ernest’s journey to know where the spaceship will take him.

Another brilliant part of their future post-mint roadmap is the Ernest insiders DAO. It will only be accessible to those holding 2 NFTs of Ernest. Here, all participants will contribute to the plans and decisions on which space route Ernest should take in the future. As well as this, they will have access to learn more about trading and crypto via their professional inhouse trading experts as well as monthly chat will be held to provide technical insights within the cryptocurrency space.

Lastly, to ensure the prosperity of the NFTs value (if there already wasn’t enough reasons already) the team will be sweeping up the floor on secondary markets for the consequent months after the launch. 90% of royalties will be used to buy up all of the floor priced Ernest NFT’s to ensure the prosperity and gain for holders. The other 10% will be channelled to keep the Ernest socials and marketing healthy and prosperous.

Giveaways, merch, a comic, a DAO, a free airdropped NFT to holders, and a sweeping mechanism on secondary marketplaces, the Ernest In Disguise team are really doing it all. Be sure to mark the 28th of November in your calendars, their project is growing very rapidly so you best get yourself an Ernest NFT and not miss out!