Digital marketers forecast activity recovery in October

Digital marketers forecast activity recovery in October

COVID pandemic began more than 6 months ago. The quarantine, lockdown and similar words are now a part of our life. Apparently, it changed the industry of digital marketing, particularly in terms of the online advertisement.

Below is the summary of the report regarding online marketing and different business sectors.

Quarantine, customer demand and GDP

Apparently, there is a strong correlation between the level of restrictions and the gross domestic product value. More interesting (but not that surprising) is that the online search volume registered by Google associated to the search terms with buy intent is very similar to the graph that shows the lockdown level.

Informational keywords: growing trend

In our previous research as of March, 28 (2020) we pointed out that no significant growth of informational queries was detected. However it turned out that the search volume related to words “why” “how” and “what” started inflating in April 2020, and it is much higher then the 2019 numbers.

Recovery forecast powered with digital stats

Information from different sources shows that we are now pretty much in the linear regime of recovery. We study 4 independent sources to make an estimation about when to expect the pre-crisis levels of demand.

Online sources (for instance, the isolation and goods delivery segments of Google search) are doing the similar way:

The crossing point will probably be passed by the end of 2020.

We also take into account offline stats. Whereas the number of retail store visits seemingly shows a bit optimistic picture, the restaurant sector, on the contrary, pushes the crossing point towards the end of the year:

Moving to Online

The process of digital transformation was bolstered by the Coronavirus crisis. Though, the effect and particular details are different in each industry. One can observe a significant in every niche (but Realty).

We study all these business sectors are in the Qualified.One report.

Digital Marketing Agencies and Channels

Digitalization is a solid trend, but what are the most popular channels for the moment? There are some specialties.

Coronavirus has improved the advantage of Digital Marketing in comparison to the classic ads. The Google search volume for Ad agencies decreases, whereas that one for Digital agencies grows – even faster than previously.

The point that seems to be key factor is the period of marketing investments. In the US we see a SEO and Content Marketing domination (long-term investments). On the contrary, investing to Google Adwords and Facebook paid promotion is a short-term one.

For conclusion let’s point out that the Coronavirus pandemic is sort of a Digitalization: even those companies which didn’t use Digital channels at all now had to discover online marketing and amend strategies.

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