Digital Marketing  And Seo Expert Landon Murie Is Helping Property Managers Go Digital

Digital Marketing And Seo Expert Landon Murie Is Helping Property Managers Go Digital

The digital marketing space has various niches. To become successful it’s important to find a niche or a specific thing that you can do well and learn all the rudiments required to become better. Today we are going to talk about how  Landon Murie has successfully carved himself a niche that pays in the digital marketing industry.

Landon Murie has successfully discovered full-proof SEO marketing strategies for property managers. He is a dynamic entrepreneur and founder of Goodjuju, his marketing and SEO agency with which he is causing a wave in the digital marketing industry.

With most businesses going digital, Goodjuju works with property managers to build amazing websites, create innovative SEO campaigns, and help in reputation management. Their array of services help their clients achieve more online prominence and bring more property owners and investors to their doorstep.

Landon started a property management company with his father years ago. To grow their firm, he got into marketing and SEO. He got obsessed with both concepts and became an expert. All these came with a lot of benefits; but with their unprecedented rate of growth, he realized later on that he couldn’t manage the company anymore and things got out of hand. Eventually, his property management firm shut down.

With the knowledge and experience he had acquired, he founded Goodjuju in 2018. Within just two years the company has grown sporadically and has even been growing faster than ever especially during the pandemic.

For a company that was designed to work remotely, the pandemic came like a blessing in disguise.  Talking on the topic, Landon Murie said, “My team is composed of remote workers from around the world and this has helped us adjust quite perfectly to the changes brought about by the pandemic. Our operations were virtually uninterrupted and we’ve continued to run things the same way we did before.”

Unlike everyone, Landon Murie believes when you are successful, it gets to a point where you will need help with continued growth and the serving of clients. Without a good system in place, training, and the management of work, things will fall apart.

“I was late to start bringing on team members and getting help for Goodjuju, and when I did, I didn’t have good systems. The best way we have managed our remote team members and get good results working together has been by utilizing some systems and processes and tracking everything with project management software called “ClickUp”. This keeps us on track and we use the system to make sure the client’s work is being done on schedule.”

One of the biggest things Landon has learned regarding marketing is to stay focused. “Focus on doing the best job for clients and all other things will fall right in,” he further comments.

When you focus on obtaining real results for your clients, personal and company growth will happen more naturally and more clients will be inclined to purchase your service.