Marketing and Branding on Steroids | Why Cody Cornwell’s Heavy Marketing LLC is a trailblazer

Marketing and Branding on Steroids | Why Cody Cornwell’s Heavy Marketing LLC is a trailblazer

In today’s age of fierce competition, brand awareness has become critical for success. From start-ups to mid-size and established enterprises, each business is jostling to gain a slice of the target market share. It has become essential to implement the right tools for market augmentation and reach. Thus, hiring a branding expert has become the need of the hour. Cody Cornwell is an astute branding expert, well versed in building powerful brands.

Cody Cornwell, the co-owner of Heavy Marketing LLC and one of the top three branding experts in the USA, has helped several companies with their marketing and brand management requirements leading to increased visibility, engagement, and revenue. When asked about the secret to creating an impeccable brand, he stated, “The success of any brand lies in its ability to evolve, adapt and sustain. An exceptional product or service, knowledge of the target audience, and impactful marketing strategies are some of the key aspects that aid in building the brand’s image in the minds of customers.” This is where Cornwell steps in and mentors leading brands by offering his expertise.  

A self-taught 24-year-old entrepreneur, Cornwell was born and raised in the small town of Findlay, Ohio. The turning point in his life came when he faced severe health complications due to his work nature. It made him reassess his priorities in life. He explored his options with ardent fervor and realized his dreams when he launched his company, Heavy Marketing LLC.

Based in Florida, Cornwell describes his company as ‘marketing and branding on steroids.’ Heavy Marketing LLC provides diverse and customized services to cater to the clients’ individual needs and produce excellent results. From branding consultancy to creating efficient marketing strategies and high ticket sales calls, they offer complete solutions for the client to scale great heights. 

Cornwell dedicated himself to his business, worked hard, and built the skillset to become a leading brand expert. He says, “Whether you aim to build your brand or achieve your dreams, there is no substitute for hard work, dedication, and passion for your craft.” Being one of the most sought after branding experts in the US, Cody’s expertise as a brand manager has built him a reputation that precedes him.