Discovering the Features of Smart Microwaves

Discovering the Features of Smart Microwaves

Whether it’s last night’s leftover food or popcorn, the best way to make it tasty again is through reliable microwaves– easy and quick.

Percy Spencer, an engineer in World War II, invented the microwave oven. It merely started with a melted candy bar while he was working on magnetron production, and it turned out to be the niftiest invention of all time. Eventually, it became one of the household staples all over the world. 

At present, microwave ovens come in all sorts of sizes, colours, and functions. But tech-savvy homeowners are looking into the most recent models which have built-in smart technologies. So what are these smart microwaves that they are raving about? Basically, the machine works when connected to the smart home network like a Wi-Fi and includes extended functions typically linked with smart gadgets. So how exactly do these food-heating machines work, now that they make use of a Wi-Fi connection?

The multifaceted smart microwaves have integrated cooking options to provide more ways to use the appliance and maximise the functions. Apart from having Wi-Fi connectivity, they include voice control and other high-tech features that most smart machines have.

Cooking functions

Unlike in conventional microwave ovens, smart microwave ovens have more technical functions, such as the ability to cook popcorn to perfection according to the size of its bag. Users have to input the exact weight of the popcorn so the machine can gauge the appropriate temperature needed for cooking. The same goes for reheating or preparing meat; they have preconfigured settings for typical meat dishes to prevent burning or undercooking the food.

Moreover, smart microwaves can scan barcodes for the right directions to heat packed meals. In this way, users can program the usual food instructions that they cook and select the appropriate setting every time they prepare that particular course.


Cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness can take time when it comes to regular microwave ovens. But with the smart ones, their interiors use special materials that make cleaning easier and faster. Simply use a paper towel or damp cloth to wipe off the leftover grease and sauces.


Regardless of the type of appliance that users plan to buy, getting the model with more advanced features will definitely cost more. As for smart microwaves, expect to pay more for the extra features and benefits that come with them. Aside from the functions, the size, oven capacity, and wattage are also essential factors that affect the pricing of every model.

Wise consumers usually look for models that offer energy-saving features. Although they are willing to spend on the item, users do not want to pay too much for their energy consumption. Some smart appliances have energy-efficient abilities, which are more advantageous than other models.

Other smart functions

Virtual assistants are the best friends of smart appliances. These smart assistants seamlessly carry out commands to the machine. When buying smart microwave ovens, their operating systems have to be compatible with the existing manufacturer of the virtual assistant of the other existing smart appliances. Otherwise, there may be issues with the functionality of the product. Hence, it is wise to research the available smart microwave ovens in the market before getting one. It will give the users enough knowledge about the right model compatible with the smart network at home.