How To Start Trading In Stock Market?

Thinking of investing in stocks? Well, you are not alone.

With the recent trends changing and the digitalisation happening, the craze for investing in stocks has increased. The excitement of getting capital profits in no time is almost an addiction to all.

One common concern people have is- ‘Can anyone invest in stocks?’

The answer is yes!

Although, it’s preferred that before gambling your money in huge amounts, you take up a stock market course for beginners.

What is the stock market?

Well, companies liquidate the ownership of their company in the form of intangible assets called stocks. These are then traded for a value. These stocks help a person redeem the yearly or monthly profits which a company earns based on the current value of their stock.

People prefer to buy different kinds of stocks which carry different amounts of risk.

The fact that the return is usually higher than general and much safer investments is what makes it attractive. People want to jump in with investments and focus on return.

What one forgets is how ‘One man’s income is another man’s expenditure’.

Therefore, you can also lose a huge amount of money while trying your luck.

How to be safe while investing?

Well, safety and stocks usually do not go hand in hand. These are a subject of risk as the market is highly volatile and changes every minute.

One can still try and look over the past trends and patterns to get a basic understanding of how stock prices move. You can take up online stock market courses for beginners, as it will help you understand many more technical and clever aspects of investing which a layman may remain unaware of.

Why is there so much hype about it?

Honestly, something which people cannot completely understand but can feel will always be exciting. Many are still trying to figure out the working and patterns of the market  . Before one decides to settle and gamble, another trend pops up.

Nowadays, the trend of meme stocks is also a big hype.

Meme Stocks

These are stocks with no real identity but just a big name. They get famous over the internet and gain popularity. The initial rise in price is mainly because of increasing online interest of the public; there’s a high chance that the stock will lose its value once the hype goes down or the mob attention changes. So, while you’ll be able to make lots of cash in less time, there’s also a risk for greater loss, which is inevitable.

Should investors invest in Meme stocks?

Unfortunately, the solution to the current question isn’t black and white.

Investors should concentrate on those stocks because it’s crucial to know what smaller traders do. Though, discovering success through these unstable stocks is like playing Russian roulette and there may be a high chance you may not see a return.

The important thing while investing in meme stocks is to plan on how to sell out your stocks later.

Stocks As A Career

As the market is picking up, with the crazy hype amongst the youth, there is definitely a lot of scope in the stock market. Although, its high volatility would make you want to have a second job as well. You can be a guidance advisor or a trader and at the same time do a supporting part-time job. This will help you have mental peace as well as stability with money.


The Rise North America Summit 2020

The RISE along with their USA and Canadian chapters bringing a unique and rare opportunity to collaborate with entrepreneurs established business owners, and industry stalwarts, to help to build your business. Attending a virtual event is free. You will learn more about starting businesses from other successful people, get your questions clarified, find potential business partners, know business opportunities across the globe, and more.

Most importantly you go home knowing that there is a huge, qualified, and dedicated team to help in your endeavors!

Why Rise?

“The Rise is a global organization of Tamil entrepreneurs, professionals, and enthusiasts who work in partnership with all people of the world towards the equitable economy, innovative and collaborative entrepreneurship, environmental stewardship, shared prosperity, and peace on earth.”

Goal: An economic identity for Global Tamils through pre-eminence positions in finance, business, innovation, technology, and value addition

Purpose: An ARAM based economic revolution/transformation for the wellbeing of every being.

Why attend Rise North America Summit 2020?

– Networking opportunity with global professionals, entrepreneurs, scholars, and accomplished business owners. Empowerment of Tamil community through Networking & Knowledge Sharing.

– A common platform – Across religion, caste, political and social boundaries bound by Tamil Aram. Discuss business opportunities beyond traditional conferences focusing on Technology alone such as Import/Export, E-Commerce, Supply chain, Manufacturing, and more.

– Focus groups and task forces to nurture conversations into actions and beyond.

– Channels to collaborate with existing organizations in the respective landscape towards leveraging strengths – – The Rise is Uniting Tamils Across the World by adopting inclusivity – Common Man to The Elites. Identifying and recognizing those who contribute to Tamil and Tamils.

– Focus is to empower the Tamil community thriving to accomplish their dreams and goals in making wealth while practicing Aram values (ethically making money).

– Co-creating and implementing Social Impact programs and projects.

– Caring and sharing by helping those in need – emotional & financially

– Recognize emerging entrepreneurs, professionals, and scholars through empowerment

Benefits of attending the Summit 2020

  • Attending the virtual event is free
  • Learn about starting businesses
  • Learn the legalities of running a business in the USA
  • Opportunity to interact with 300+ entrepreneurs, import/exporters, manufacturers, recruiters, and investors
  • Showcase your business & services
  • Find business partners across the globe
  • Create B2B opportunities for your business
  • Find potential investors for your business

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Meet 15 year-old Lil Mabu

There seems to be no ceiling for the young star. Lil Mabu catches every pocket on the beats with his catchy melodic hooks. The new single has already generated hundreds of thousand streams across all DSP’s. Looking forward to see where the young independent artist is headed after this hit single.


Going Against All Odds – Croatian Student Makes Over $100,000 Per Month Dropshipping

Croatian Karlo Dundic achived huge entrepreneurial success in the online business space and all of that from Croatia, one of the European lowest-income country.

Research shows that an average Croatian makes about $500 to $800 per month. Croatia is located in Southeast Europe, sitting on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. sharing its borders with Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Hitting it harder below was when Croatia was listed as the fourth highest in youth unemployment rate in Europe. With only 23% of the youth being employed, Croatians look for other ways to earn money. While most educated Croatians leave to find and build a better future one stayed behind to change the way things work.

A 23 year old Karlo Dundic, with a Degree in Economics decided to carve his own path. Rather than leave his country he chose to stay and take on a more modern approach to make money. Right out of high school he started working and had a steady income by 19. When he found out about dropshipping he decides to invest all of his saving into it.

Today Karlo Dundic is one of the best in the world. This story wouldn’t be so unusual if Karlo wasn’t from Croatia.

Dropshipping is a common concept around the world, where you purchase things directly from the vendor and deliver them to buyers all around the world. Soon Karlo Dundic was determined to get started on this new adventure and begin to work on his e-commerce store. Unfortunately, there were many obstacles that Karlo encountered on his journey. He told us that he had full support from his family and his girlfriend.

“Yes, they are my biggest support and I wouldn’t have made here without them.”

How about other people?

“Well, a lot of people here can’t even understand  that you can make much more money working from your laptop than on usual eight hours job. That’s why I am planning on making my own course and start helping others to reach financial freedom. People need to understand that they will never be happy until they take a risk and change something in their lives.”

The main issue arose when he found out that Croatian Laws are not fully regulated around e-commerce business . Rolling the dice Karlo Dundic set up an LLC in England and started to invest all his savings in various marketing platforms. Starting with a Facebook and Instagram advertisement and other social media platforms.

Once the advertisements started to set in Karlo made $48’000 in sales.

“I really did’t have that high expectations, I was hoping on making 1,000$ a month” he said.

Today he has a number of stores generating more than $100,000 a month. Keeping up with a standard 30% profit margin Karlo Dundic has changed his life.

Today Karlo is teaching others how to build their own profitable dropshipping stores from scratch trough his mentorship. Anyone who is interested can contact him on his email:

Karlo will also offer his full e-commerce course soon that will take his students through a process of how to launch a profitable dropshipping business from scratch.

“Course will be made in my domestic language because I want to help others from this region to change their lives” he said. Hopefully, Karlo Dundic will be caring a path for generations to come.

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How to Apply Disinfectant

When the word disinfection comes up, what comes to the mind is germs and bacteria. Well, you are not too far off the mark. Disinfection is the process of killing or removing germs except for bacteria spore from an inanimate object. It deals with the elimination of germs, but it is not absolute as bacteria spores can still survive after a disinfection process.

Disinfection can also be defined as the removal, killing and inhibition of microorganisms that may cause disease. The principal aim of disinfection is to kill potential pathogens, but disinfection also substantially diminish the total microbial population. We cannot talk about disinfection without mentioning some such as sterilization.

41208733 – floor care and cleaning services with washing mop in sterile factory or clean hospital

Terms Used in Disinfection

Sterilization: is the process of eliminating all forms of microbial life, including bacteria spores. Although sterilization is different from disinfection, some people still use it interchangeably, but they are not the same. Unlike disinfection, sterilization is sporicidal.   Antiseptic: When we talk about antiseptic, it is similar to disinfectant in one aspect – both are used to eliminate microorganism. However, they have different makeup and use.

While disinfectant is applied on an inanimate object, antiseptic is used to inhibit or kill pathogen found on living organisms. It is used to destroy pathogen found on the human skin or mucus membrane. In simple words, disinfectant is used on non-living objects, while antiseptic is used on living tissue.

Sanitation: is relatively similar to disinfection, but in this case, it involves the reduction of microbial life to a safe level. All these are still in association with disinfection.

Decontamination: Another term also used is decontamination. It is the removal of pathogenic microorganism from objects, so they are safe to use.

The suffix “cidal” or “cide” and static is used to denote the killing and workings of disinfectant. For example, when a disinfectant is said to be bactericidal, it means that it kills or inactivates bacteria. Likewise, fungicide and virucide. But when it is termed static, it inhibits the growth of microorganism.

What is a disinfectant?

Disinfectant is chemical agents that destroy microorganism when applied to inanimate objects. All disinfectant has an active ingredient that kills or inhibits bacteria. Other ingredient aid the active ingredient in the formula.

Classes of Disinfectant

Disinfectant can be classified based on their activity level, that is, how effective they are against a broad spectrum of microorganism.

High-Level disinfection: the disinfectant in this category are capable of inactivating microorganism, including viruses. They are also active against bacteria spores. This disinfectant is capable of sterilization with a high contact time and killing bacteria spores.

Intermediate-level disinfection: the disinfectant in this group is capable of killing vegetative microorganism, fungi, and inactivating some viruses. They are mostly used in the laboratory to disinfect surfaces.

Low-level disinfection: here, the disinfectant can kill vegetative microorganism except for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. They can also be inactive some fungi and bacteria.

Type of disinfectant

We have several types of disinfectant, some of which are used on a commercial scale.

Alcohols: Alcohols can inactivate a wide range of bacteria, though disinfecting wet surfaces requires higher concentration. The only downside to alcohol is that they evaporate quickly, which may result in shorter contact time. Alcohol is more effective when combined with other agents like formaldehyde. It should be used with caution due to its volatility and flammability.

Phenols: phenols are active against a broad spectrum of microorganism and lipid-containing viruses but, their action against non-lipid viruses varies. However, they are corrosive, toxic and may not be safe to use on a food contact surface or areas with young children.

Quaternary compounds: this has a quick action against a wide range of microorganism. They are of low cost and often used in mixture against other germicides. The effectiveness of some compounds in this group is reduced by organic matter.

Hydrogen Peroxide: they are strong oxidizers which makes them a potent disinfectant when in contact with various surfaces. They are safer to use compared to chlorine. Their efficacy is limited and is toxic at high concentration.

Aldehyde: the disinfectant in this group requires high concentration to be effective. Some bacteria have developed resistance to it. Aldehyde has been discovered to be the cause of some health-related issues like Asthma.

Chlorine compounds: they inactivate a wide array of bacteria and viruses. They have low cost and quicker kill time. However, they are corrosive when the standard of usage is not followed.

Iodophors: They are commonly used to disinfect medical equipment, but they have an unpleasant odour and causes stain.

How to Apply Disinfectant

Applying disinfectant is not a difficult task to achieve, but it does require some useful application. Below are a few tips of applying a disinfectant.

Use a Clear solution: when applying disinfectant, it is advisable to use a clean solution. If the solution is not clear enough or is dirty, you might end up spreading germs all over the floor. It is recommended that mop water should be changed after mopping 2-3 rooms.

Use a microfiber mop: research has shown that microfiber mop is more effective in the application of disinfectant than natural based fibre. The reason is that ordinary fabrics absorb quarternary compound, which is the active ingredients in most disinfectant. Cotton and other materials used in textile possess a negative ion while quart compound is positive. Two opposite charge attracts and binds together, to prevent this, it is advisable to use mop made of microfiber.

Clear out dirt:  it is better to clear out dirt and other organic particles before applying a disinfectant. This is because the efficacy of some disinfectant is affected by organic matter.

Disinfect Hot spot:  disinfect spot like the doorknob, handrail, and light switch are hot spot areas that should be continuously disinfected. Since bacteria multiply quickly under the right conditions and the hot spot are more exposed to bacteria. There is a need to disinfect it.

Specificity: some disinfectant has targeted mode of action. They work against some specific set of microorganisms. It is essential to check the labelling of a disinfectant before applying it, to know its spectrum of activity. While some disinfectants are broad-spectrum – working against all kinds of microorganisms, others are narrow-spectrum.


Adrian Goh Guan Kiong on fire safety management system

A fire management system provides a complete description of coordinated policies and safety arrangements to minimize the occurrence of fire in a building – and if it breaks out- to save both the building and the lives of the occupants. A holistic fire management system, demonstrating how the best practices in the safety management can be practically implemented, revolves around 5 key components, which are: plan, organize, control, monitor and review the fire safety standards around the premises enshrined under the under Article 11 of the Regulatory Reform Order 2005. Compliance with the legal guidelines and providing a complete guideline – combining all fire-related documents into one document – into how occupants of a building must evacuate are the foremost objectives of a comprehensive fire management system. An efficient management plan involves plan, design, coordinate, and manage all the required safety procedures – including documentation – delineating emergency procedures, identification of responsibilities of the staff, and on-site fire safety systems.

A complete fie management system includes:

  • A holistic strategy for fire safety management
  • Fire protection strategy
  • How to evacuate residents from the building in case of a fire
  • Fire-fighting strategy
  • Plan to control fire and smoke
  • A fire emergency plan

A fire emergency plan is, indubitably, the key aspect of a successful Fire safety management. Based on the fire assessment, an emergency plan must include:

  • Must be available to all the employees, enforcing authority, and staff representatives.
  • Identify key exit/escape routes and how people can access to these routes from every part of the building.
  • What employees and staff should do if a fire breaks out suddenly?
  • How the evacuation process should be handled and coordinated
  • How to give early warning to people in case of fire eruption
  • How to save any physical equipment such as power supplies, machines, sensitive appliances, etc.  
  • How to contact fire-fighting and rescue teams?
  • Training of employees and staff on what to do if a fire breaks out

To have a complete understanding of the Fire Management System Plan, it is necessary to develop insights into 5 fundamentals of the management system.

Five Fundamentals of Fire Management System Plan

The details about the 5 core components of the management system are outlined below:


In the first step of a fire management system, the person responsible for the structure such as building owner must devise a practical plan – by taking on-board all stakeholders – a practical approach that should include:

  • Complete fire assessment risk in the building and its premises.

Determine the priorities in eliminating the potential hazards that may lead to a fire. The rationale is to minimize – if not eliminate altogether – all these risks to protect people from physical injuries.

  • Then, choosing the right risk control measures – by taking guidance from the professionals and according to the legal provisions – to keep the risks under control.
  • Finally, he/she must articulate performance standards and strict implementation of protective and preventive measures.  


After properly planning a practical plan, the next step is to specify the details about the structure of the organization responsible for ensuring and implementing the plan. It may include:

  • Communication of health and safety guidelines to all the employees and the staff.
  • All the details of fire escaping rehearsals and fire drills.
  • Details of evacuation and emergency plan and provide them to every employee.
  • Maintenance plans of the building and who is responsible for that.
  • Details of fire safety risk assessment
  • An effective system of communicating necessary information to all the staff, or other responsible individuals on time.
  • Taking necessary steps to prevent arson – deliberately setting fire to property.
  • Housekeeping and how to prevent fire
  • Making sure all the staff is apprised of and in compliance with all the guidelines and specifications of fire safety risk assessment.  
  • Providing relevant details of all the protected areas such as fire doors.
  • Specifying the persons that will be responsible for making decisions about the preventative and protective measures and also of people responsible for implementing these measures.
  • Necessary training, instructions, and information to ensure the competency of the staff.


Under this domain, the organizer needs to appoint responsible people at each level that can inspect and carry out the fire safety measures throughout the building. They establish control measures by:

  • Clarifying the health, fire safety, and health responsibilities of each individual.
  • Everyone must understand the roles and responsibilities tasked to him.
  • Make sure there is substantial supervision and check over them
  • Proper measures are in place to assess and evaluate the performance of people tasked with responsibilities.


The success of the whole fire safety management system is positioned on monitoring the progress of the appointed persons. It is indispensable to articulate a plan to schedule regular inspections of the fire precaution measures, launching the departmental investigations to determine the potential causes of the accidents to make sure lessons are learned and, if needed, procedures are improved. All these monitoring and evaluation processes must be documented for future analysis.


A proper review system to determine the shortcoming and deficiencies in the management system as well as correct them accordingly is an integral component of a competent fire safety management system. The review should:

  • Proper methods are to be established to ensure that remedial or rectification work sees the end of the day.
  • All the corrective work that has not been completed yet must be prioritized and expedited for completion.
  • Finally, regular review of the entire management system to make sure that it is effective and up to date.

Hopefully, this article will clear all your questions and doubts pertaining to fire safety management plan and why it is so important to articulate a holistic and comprehensive plan.


Entrepreneur Yari Gerussi is rising with his Make Money System in 2020

No matter where you are from, what you do for existence or how old you are, most of us experience something in common – a desire to be triumphant.

Being an entrepreneur needs much more than influential ideas. A true entrepreneur holds a unique cocktail of skills and qualities that enable them to beat the odds and go after their dreams full throttle. 

But what are those qualities? What does an entrepreneur need to achieve? The truth is, there’s no obvious formula for success, but there are a few qualities that successful entrepreneurs tend to have. And that attributes we found in one thriving entrepreneur named Yari Gerussi founder of MMS Make Money System.

 Yari Gerussi is born with some good qualities, which he has developed pretty well in life. Let us see some of his qualities which everyone should have to make big in life.

Yari Gerussi, as anEntrepreneur his goals are fixed in life.He is committed to his business.He is proactive and knows how to get work done on time. He loves to take on challenges in life, and that is what makes him different from routine entrepreneurs who are not as big as Yari Gerussi in life.He doesn’t look for opportunities, he creates opportunity with his business, and he also works the same for his clients. One big thing like every prominent entrepreneur has in them is risk-taking capacity. Yari is never afraid of failures in life.He is a lifetime learner, and that is what helps in life to grow better as entrepreneurs.He is a creative mind, and his Make Money System is a particular program which gives opportunities to thousands of people to make big in life. He has a passionate and cheerful personality. It is the essential quality in him, which is helping him become the most successful entrepreneur in 2020.

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5 Useful Tips for Choosing the Best Essay Writing Service

Sometimes, it becomes very struggling for the students to balance school assignments if they are involved in other part-time jobs. You cannot leave other activities or the assignments behind, but submit them within the deadline.

Needless to say, our lifestyle has become more convenient and comfortable because we have backup options in every aspect. And the essay writing services play the same backup role in covering all your assignments and papers you need to submit on time.

It might not be very comforting in the first place to seek help from such a company. You might be confused about the writing quality, service reliability, and company’s overall policy. In that case, we are here to help you find the best essay writing service.

Do an Online Research with Reviews: If you want to make the right decision, don’t hesitate to take time by doing some research online. You will get plenty of essay writing services’ suggestions online with people’s reviews.

Read reviews with references and determine why you should pick that particular company. You will get ideas if they are reliable enough with a great sense of delivering tasks within the deadline. In-depth online research is highly required to get quality paperwork.

Ask for Sample Work: Asking for sample works will help you know their writing quality. Thus, you can understand if the writing matches your requirement or not. You can also evaluate previous clients’ work to get more ideas about the service. Sometimes, essay companies work under particular niches; ensure this fact before assigning for your work.

Proficiency and Writing Styles: If you are not satisfied with the writing, why should you spend money on any service provider? Therefore, ensure the writing style is perfect for you when checking out previous sample work.

You can ask more about the writers’ details when hiring the company. It will let you know about the proficiency of their writing and service.

Know More about the Policy: It is about meeting your deadlines with quality writing and asking the details about the company matters here to ensure unique content. Ensure the company provides these: meeting deadlines, meeting clues and requirements, giving plagiarized-free, well-researched and informative essays with reader-friendly views.

Fix the Charges: Essay services offer different charges based on the writing quality, deadline, and other factors. As a student, you would want cheap services with quality work. But remember that you have to pay high for better writing.

However, evaluate different essay services and compare which one offers relatively cheap rates. Ask for the payment procedure before hiring one for you. They might ask for an advanced payment option. Consider choosing the payment procedure that gives you comfort and convenience.

Overall, you can take reliable recommendations from your friends to get an affordable service provider. An essay writing service is reliable and beneficial if you can pick the right one.


How to stay healthy and still drink wine, a paradox?

It is hard to part from a habit, especially one as delicious as wine. It is the ideal accompaniment to a fancy meal, and a perfect way to help you relax after a long and stressful day. But is it healthy?

With the pandemic looming over our heads, and health and wellness taking over our lives (for the better) we might be tempted to ditch our bottles of wine. But the fruit of the vine has untapped potential, and if you follow these guidelines, with a little help from experts, you should be able not just to avoid harm, but actually benefit.

A Paradox resolved: Wine actually has documented health benefits!

This will not come as news to the older generations who followed the ideas behind the french paradox and the decades of research which followed, but wine contains key ingredients for supporting a healthy body, especially the heart. While the idea is hardly new, the research backing it up continues to emerge.

Just last year Italian researchers came out with a review of the benefits of wine “consumption for cardiovascular health”. The 2019 study reminded us that a range of benefits have been “widely supported by the scientific literature” from cognitive and mental support to anti inflammatory and ageing properties of some of the key molecules in wine.

So clearly it is more than just safe to drink some wine, but actually beneficial. But how much, and which wines, those are questions just as key to building wine into a healthy lifestyle. And that is why the following tips are essential, and services like Palate Club which help deliver healthy wines are a blessing.

Drink Responsibly – This cannot be stressed enough, in large quantities alcohol starts taxing the body more than it helps, not to mention leading to poor choices! While a couple glasses at a party are probably fine, it should not become a habit to drink more than one a day! A few bottles a month is all you need to build wine into your healthy living patterns, and that’s what Palate club delivers.

Drink Quality Wine – This is crucial. Poorly made wine, especially the large scale industrial stuff you find hidden behind fancy labels that dominate the wine industry, is not nearly as likely to contain the macronutrients that can benefit your heart and mind. Instead you should be drinking artisanal wines, sourced from winemakers who work the land and the wine, and respect both.

Drink Sustainable Wine – While you might not feel the immediate effects, living a health and wellness conscious life also requires thinking about others, and the planet. These are not easy impacts to control, especially without good information. And the wine industry is one that can take quite a heavy toll on the environment, between significant water, pesticide and land use. Here again, the key to responsible wine drinking is working with small scale producers who respect the land, and can afford to take the time and care, and cost, to work sustainably. The kinds of producers Palate Club works to connect with consumers.

Look past the label (or ignore it) – Wine marketing is a huge business, and more of then than not it is misleading you in one way or another. An attractive label says nothing about the quality of the wine inside, except that the company spent more money on the label. You can bet they cut costs somewhere to do so. Even the medals, rankings and ratings are unreliable; either paid for empty marketing, or unhelpful vague or tailored for someone else’s taste. You want wine suited for your palate, which is what Palate Club is all about.

Palate club helps us tackle these, and more. They put the time and effort, and most importantly expertise, into selecting the wines, and we benefit. In addition to picking bottles better suited for a healthy lifestyle, they also take our taste into account. Learning with each bottle a bit more about what we like so they can help us select which ones to buy, or which ones to have delivered to our door.


DAVALENCO The Canadian Recording Artist of Mexican Descent is all set to Introduce Urban Latin Music to Canada

Veracruz native singer-songwriter Davalenco is making waves in Canada and internationally with his down to earth, relatable songs. At the age of 20 Davalenco moved from Veracruz, Mexico to Toronto, Canada where he started dancing at a professional level and achieving great success nationally and abroad. Soon after he also decided to take music seriously. We got the opportunity to interview Davalenco social distancing style and found out some interesting details about the entertainer.

Davalenco was born and raised in the port city of Veracruz, Mexico. His grandmother was a naturally good singer and they always had music playing in their house. From an early age he took to it and participated in many music and dance contests starting in primary school and later on entered a national contest where he was runner-up. He continued with his singing until he entered high school and he switched my focus to track and field.

Davalenco’s mother and father had always tried to encourage him to pursue sports, specifically high jump and hurdles, due to the fact that his father was a high jumper and pole vaulter himself and wanted to teach him how to jump and run. In university of course there were different sports disciplines that he had to take courses in. Davalenco did fall in love with track, perhaps given his competitive nature and the fact that he was doing really well at high jump and hurdles within a short time frame. He would train during school hours and then he would come back after school for more training. The track was his second home all throughout high school and university.”

Davalenco went to Universidad Veracruzana where he mastered in sports education with a focus in sprints, high jumps and hurdles. He won “best athlete of the year” for 3 years in a row. He then became national Mexican champion in high jump and also 4X100 meters sprint. This qualified him to compete at the Central American Games in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he met one of his Cuban trainers World Champion Javier Sotomayor.

Having lived for a year in Wisconsin, USA on a university scholarship he always knew he wanted to build his life outside of Mexico. Initially Davalenco was offered a dance instructor position at a dance studio in Toronto. He ended up teaching ballroom and latin american dance at that studio for a few years. Not singing and doing track anymore made him realize how much he missed both and so he slowly began incorporating them into his new life.”

Davalenco would always play guitar and sing covers of various latin songs. Due to the fact that he was also competing professionally in latin dance at the time representing Canada, music and dance were my second nature. If he was not dancing, he was singing and vice versa. Davalenco made a lot of international friends while he was competing all over the world, and most of them were pushing him to make some new latin dance music they could dance to. Their insistence gave him the idea to pursue a career in music.”

His first release was an album entitled “Ritmo Latino” and it was released in 2017. Davalenco wanted to have various latin rhythms on it and so he ended up with some rumbas, bachatas, cha cha chas and sambas. He wrote and composed all the tracks himself and they were geared toward latin dance. Shortly after the album release he teamed up with DJ Ice and they remixed all the tracks so that they had a strict tempo for international dance competitions. Jointly they released the new album entitled “Ritmo Latino Dancesport Remix”.

There was always salsa playing in the house growing up. As well, at that time Jose was very popular in Mexico so he would listen to him a lot – He knew all of his songs. Also Michael Jackson was his  inspiration for both music and dance. Rap was also popular at the time, He remembers watching all those music videos on TV and dancing rap with his friends.”

For the past few years he has really been into urban latin music and reggaeton. He remembers dancing samba to Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina” and the rhythm was intoxicating. He immediately thought to himself that while making dance music was good, he wanted to share his music with the entire world, not just with people in the dance industry. Because of this, his next few releases were singles in the style of urban latin with reggaeton undertones.

Everything that happens to him in his life, or to a family member or a friend he tries to put it into music. His songs are all about either a personal experience that he has been though or something that a close friend or relative experienced. He tries to make his songs relatable and mostly they are about human relationships, love, betrayal and everything in between.

Davalenco at the moment is working on two singles. Without giving too much away he says that they are quite opposite. One is about love and the other about betrayal.

Stay up to speed with Davalenco by following him on