Disney uncovers first look at Tom Holland’s role in Disneyland Spider-Man ride

Disney uncovers first look at Tom Holland’s role in Disneyland Spider-Man ride

As Disney keeps on work on its new Marvel-themed land, Avengers Campus, an ever-increasing number of ideas are being uncovered. Recently, the organization flaunted a familiar face for its Spider-Man-themed ride.

Disney uncovered a first look at Tom Holland and his role in the Worldwide Engineering Brigade (WEB) attraction on the Disney Parks Blog. Holland is repeating his role as Peter Parker from the popular “Avengers” film series.

The actual ride is called Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure.

In the first look, Holland depicts visiting the Avengers Campus. He jokes, “When I first joined, playing Spider-Man, I went to Avengers Headquarters and it was just a bunch of green screens.”

He keeps on clarifying the story behind the ride, saying the Peter Parker has invented a new web-based creation and is demonstrating it off to the riders when something turns out badly. Tom Holland, as Peter Parker, will at that point direct riders through an experience that he says will cause them to feel much the same as Spider-Man.

As per the Disney Parks Blog, the ride will join body movements and gestures. When wearing special glasses, riders will have the option to encounter shooting webs from their wrists while the fight failing Spider-Bots.

Fox News recently revealed that Disney has affirmed that the new Avengers Campus will debut in 2021 at its California theme park. The organization made the declaration in a new email to the D23 Disney fan club.

The Avengers Campus, based off the popular comic and film characters, was initially set to open in mid-July of a year ago. Sadly, the Covid pandemic constrained Disney to cancel those plans. Up until this new declaration, it had not been affirmed that the Marvel-themed area of the park would open in 2021.