Dmail: A new infrastructure in the Web 3.0 era

Dmail: A new infrastructure in the Web 3.0 era

Data sovereignty, NFT domain name, Asset sending and receiving

The first email in the world was sent by Leonard Kleinrock, a computer scientist, in October 1969. This marked the birth of a new communication tool although the sending of the email was not very successful. Nowadays, email has become an indispensable Internet tool for people. However, blockchain technology has been widely applied on the Internet with Web3.0 on the horizon. In this case, people are increasingly paying attention to the privacy protection feature of existing email services. Besides, the demand for diversified functions is also on the rise for such services. All these show that these services should be developed in a new way according to people’s needs.

Dmail, a new decentralized NFT email infrastructure based on Dfinity, is designed for the Web 3.0 era catering to people’s new demands arising from the latest development of the Internet. It aims to become the key connection among users, laying the foundation for sharing and exchanging on-chain information in the future. As a blockchain email service, Dmail is the combination of the existing email technology and blockchain technology. With the two technologies, new functions can be innovated to discover more value while addressing the potential risks of the existing email services.

A Secure Blockchain Email Service with Privacy Protection

Compared with the existing services, the biggest advantage of Dmail is its high-level data security. Dmail is the same as standard email services in terms of its basic functions. Emails can be sent and received effortlessly between Dmail and any email address. Nevertheless, regular email services suffer from potential risks caused by the centralized information storage on servers, which can lead to data loss or leak.

However, Dmail is powered by Dfinity, which is a public chain crowned as “the Internet computer”. The distributed data storage of Dmail relies on the unique technologies of Dfinity, such as VRF, BLS, and private canisters. Emails are divided into two parts for storage according to the user’s need. The header and the message body of an email are stored separately in a decentralized way in Dmail through hashing. The former will be added on-chain while the latter will be encrypted through a token. In this way, only the receiver and sender of the email can decrypt it with the token. The content of the email is stored in a decentralized network, with the help of the distributed storage technology.

In addition to addressing the security and privacy protection problems, breakthroughs in new functions are achieved in Dmail so as to discover more value:

NFT Email Domain Name

Currently, in the booming NFT market, a large number of NFTs can only be showcased as artworks with little utility. On the contrary, domain names registered by users of Dmail, which is the first NFT email service provider, can be showcased or minted as NFTs. The rarity of the mail NFT depends on the number of letters and the meaning of the name. Mail NFTs can be traded with each other. Emails in Dmail enjoy high-level security and privacy protection supported by the unique distributed storage technology of Dfinity.

The Asset Transfer Feature

One of the drawbacks of existing email services is that they can only serve as a tool for sending messages. However, in Dmail, users can transfer their on-chain assets through emails, which can contain airdrops. Moreover, in the upcoming versions of Dmail, IMO will be introduced so that users can apply for purchasing on-chain assets with one click.

The Subscription Feature

It is very difficult to verify the information in the crypto market which is deluged with messages. Moreover, the information about projects of high quality and their developers is not organized systematically without an information management platform. The subscription and Push features introduced by Dmail are based on the collection of information about new projects of high quality in the Dfinity ecosystem. Users can get access to the latest information about these projects with the two functions.

In terms of the development of the technology, although many developers are probing into new blockchain applications, they neglect to combine the technology with existing online services. The upcoming Dmail is the combination of the technology with email services, becoming a new infrastructure in the Web3.0 era to bring new functions and financial opportunities to its users.

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