Dmv Next Biggest Artist Shyheim

Dmv Next Biggest Artist Shyheim

Upcoming artist Shyheim gatewood who is from cecilton Maryland speaks about his music and how he discovered the rap game he first started writing at the age of 12 every sense than music became his everything


(Words from Shyheim gatewood) I’m glad I don’t try to fit in with others or try to be like other artist growing up I knew this rap game would not be easy I knew it wouldn’t happen over night it takes time,Hard work,Dedication when I first decided to start rapping I thought a perfect stage name would be Bizzy but I decided sense more people knew me by Shyheim it be a lot better to keep my actual name incase anyone wondering of all latest songs I have out now I’m here to tell you


Shyheim-Up next, Shyheim-king of a thug, Shyheim-Broken dreams Shyheim-Lost Love) I will continue to express how I feel the best way I can in every song I dish out Music is just a great way for me express myself and share all around the world and I just hope my music is not only helping me with


Shyheim has reached many top online music streaming platforms from being a ‘local artist’ and it is not a small feat to achieve. The musician now plans to keep flowing and growing with his style and making deep rooted connections with people and their stories. You can follow the artist on all major social media platforms to get updates on his latest releases


Shyheim,Shows us a man who has a smoke-filled delivery that has you lighting up and getting close to your lover. With a catchy chorus that will keep you entranced the whole way though, a top quality beat that has a 90’s ambiance, plus cleverly-penned lyrics which are swagger-free, this is a fine single from an artist on the rise up.