Doctor Love in the making – Understanding the language of love and compatibility through the eyes of Astrologer and Tarot Reader Sarah May Low

Doctor Love in the making – Understanding the language of love and compatibility through the eyes of Astrologer and Tarot Reader Sarah May Low

In January of 2020, Sarah shared an IG story post where she tells her audiences to be careful on their travels as there seems to be a “calamity” about to happen. By March 2020, the entire world was in Lockdown.

To accurately predict the future with astrological calculations is a complex, demanding, and time-intensive task. Every so often, Sarah is packed with data regarding the movement of planets at a particular location at a specific period. Astrological software is available these days to simplify the process, but the interpretation must still be made manually.

Many people scoff at modern western astrology, which is seen as merely imaginary. The work of an astrologer is similar to that of analysts – both are tasked with making predictions by relying on complicated calculations.

Astrology has had countless years of development since ancient times. Many schools of thought provide varying approaches and techniques of computation, with testable facts and actual proof to support their conclusions.

Astrology has made a comeback among spiritualists and New Agers due to increased media attention, especially on daily and monthly horoscopes. There has been no indication that Sarah has distanced herself from what people may believe or do not believe. She says, “What is most important is that I know I have helped more than 7000 clients who changed their lives for the better!”. She calls herself an extremist as she is both a (social) scientist and a renowned spiritual guru in Malaysia. To her, “At the end of the day, there are many things in this world that books cannot answer; certain things and situations just require faith and a little guidance by Astrology and the Tarot cards.”

Sarah’s doctorate research covers the area of online dating, interpersonal communication, intimacy, gender, and trust. She says, “We all love the idea of romance, but the reality of relationships (romantic, friendship, work relationship) is that everything has an Economic factor, also known as Cost-benefit analysis or ROI (return-of-investment) or Social Exchange Theory.” When you calculate your risks correctly, we can higher returns or + positive happiness.”

Sarah adds, “That is why most relationships are not even worth getting into…A lot of people set themselves up for failure when they lower their standards…”

There is a lot of psychology in Tarot and Astrology as it reflects our inner voice, insecurity, and subconscious mind. In her sessions, Sarah helps look at compatibility and helps structure her client’s thoughts, and then provides strategies so that clients can achieve specific goals or outcomes that they want.

Astrology and Tarot readings are more than just art. It is a language. Many people disagree with it because they do not speak the same language, but once they learn and understand it, they will see how powerful of a tool it is to empower, heal, and manifest one’s dreams.

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