Doug the Plug Teaches Himself and Produces Big Results For His Career

Doug the Plug Teaches Himself and Produces Big Results For His Career

With the internet constantly changing how we do things, more and more artists have had the chance to prove themselves. Back in the day, in order to release music one had to be signed to a major record deal. For California rapper Doug the Plug, he has paved his own way in this new era scoring successes each release.

Everything started for Doug the Plug in highschool where the young prodigy used to beatbox  during lunchtime. He would often go back and forth freestyling with his friends causing him to get better and better. Fast forwarding to now, Doug the Plug’s skills have developed to that of an elite status making him one of the most skilled rappers in Inglewood.

A lot of Doug the Plug’s success can partly be thanked due to his influences. In an interview the rapper said a couple of his inspirations are Drake and Kendrick. This can be seen in his latest song “Say the Word” where he approaches the beat smooth like Drake, but still lyrically like Kendrick Lamar. About this, Doug the Plug also said, “I guarantee that you will remember the lyrics of one of my songs and it’ll be stuck in your head and you will be nodding”.

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Making His Name Known In Inglewood, Doug the Plug Is Showing Promise

Ever since the presence of Sway Lee, there hasn’t really been any noteworthy rappers coming from Inglewood, California. With that being said, there are many talented artists getting close to reaching those heights of stardom. One of these goes by the name of Doug the Plug, who is a rapper from Inglewood, CA.

Born and raised there, Doug the Plug grew up in the hood causing hip hop to play a large role in his life. He kept up with the latest rappers’ releases and always thought he could do the same some day. This became a reality in 2012 when Doug the Plug enlisted in the military after his father passed away. While there he noticed someone making a beat from their phone which  opened up a whole new world for him.

Doug the Plug realised that he could make his own songs without having a deal with a label. He then went on to buy equipment and learn the game of producing which has led him to his success today.

While the limelight may seem hard to reach, Doug the Plug has been getting closer than ever. With his most recent release of “Say What” getting picked up on major networks such as this site, Sway Lee may soon need to give up the crown for the new rising king.

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