Fredrick John, popularly known as Rainfredrick, is a rising Mexican singer and rapper. Other than this, he is talented actor, emerging entrepreneur, producer, and songwriter. He has toured ninety percent of the world. Rainfredrick is non-traditional singer and his voice is making strong impact in the scene. He has proven his music with his unparalleled sound and style. He sings in a blissful way with mixture of Latin pop, r&b, and hip-hop. In fact, his flamboyant style is being noticed everywhere and his unconventional Latin music will break the barriers. Rainfredrick is creating music to motivate people in this busy world, spreading joy through music and inspiring others by his life experiences. He has many followers on Instagram and Twitter. His uncommon style is center of attraction. He will be next big thing soon with his unique artistic skills.

Rainfredrick is a trending singer. He compose songs in Spanglish, mixture of Spanish and English. His fans are not limited. He tries to create music which is understandable and loveable by Spanish and English fans. His passion of music can be measured from this case that he sings same song both in Spanish and English. His songs are reaching to masses. Moreover, he can speak 5 different languages including English and Spanish.

Rainfredrick is passionate about music. He surely is next artist to make an impact. His blend of singing, rapping and songwriting has deluge thousands of listeners around the world. The music he compose takes the person to nostalgic ride. His music is combination of pop and Latin which is emotion driven and storytelling lyricism.

Rainfredrick latest sound “Alessa” is out now. This song was in pipeline when he was dating a girl called “Alessa”. They broke up but he never mixed his personal and professional life. His love for music is so strong than he has released this song. Not just this, he also does not want to make his fan sad since he already made commitment with them. The song is romantic story-telling which will captivate the listeners. The music and beats are so mesmerizing that listener will feel the love, pain and romance all together.

Rainfredrick’s versatile music and his stylish looks, has made “Alessa” a distinct Latin catchy, hard-hitting powerful performance. This single is out on digital platform so must add this to your playlist and follow this talented future star on your social media accounts.