Dr. Frederick J. Foreman: CEO of Mathematical Modeling Inc., Creator of DynaKrypt, and Cybersecurity Innovator

Dr. Frederick J. Foreman: CEO of Mathematical Modeling Inc., Creator of DynaKrypt, and Cybersecurity Innovator

Our data is continuously mined by government agencies, corporations, medical professionals, and banking institutions. The amount of data collected from our devices is unprecedented and significant.

Sensitive personal information ranging from social media passwords to medical and financial documents is being stored and transmitted online. As a result, securing personal and private information has never been more important.

Dr. Frederick J. Foreman, CEO of Mathematical Modeling Inc. (MMI), is dedicated to improving cybersecurity and protecting your personal data through his leadership skills and technological innovations.

As head of MMI and creator of DynaKrypt, Dr. Foreman has taken steps to ensure that personal and sensitive information can be transferred and stored safely and securely.

A Strong Background In Information Technology

With over 39 years of experience in Informational Technology, Dr. Frederick J. Foreman has been involved in numerous IT fields. This includes mechanical design, manufacturing, processing, and education.

Dr. Foreman was a University Professor at Florida A&M University and Florida State University for 11 years. He has also served as an instructor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for four years. He is a renowned scientist, researcher, and scholar in informational technology and mathematics, and has received a plethora of awards for his research and teaching abilities.

He was a GEM Graduate Fellow, NASA Graduate Fellow, and Patricia Roberts Harris Fellow. He received the MIT Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service and is a Senior Member of SME. He also received the Teacher of the Year Award and the Superior Accomplishment Award at Florida A&M University.

In addition to this, Dr. Foreman has come up with numerous inventions related to information processing, software modeling, and numerical analysis. His efforts as a designer and head engineer have led to many successes and further efficiency in design and information processing for companies like Procter & Gamble Company, Aluminum Company of America, and Ford.

Furthermore, his mechanical engineering degrees from MIT, Florida A&M University, and Florida State University College of Engineering,  gives Dr. Foreman the education and background necessary to transform and improve upon cybersecurity practices. He has already begun this process with the creation of DynaKrypt.

Inventor and Innovator

Over the years, Dr. Foreman has received several patents in the fields of math and science. His revolutionary and unique encrypting program, DynaKrypt, is his latest creation. This program can be used by private citizens, small businesses, large corporations and governments.

Dr. Foreman wants to protect the information and communication systems of all individuals. This way we can stay safe and free. With the creation of DynaKrypt, this will become possible.

Expert In Cybersecurity

As head of Mathematical Modeling Inc. Dr. Frederick J. Foreman has used his experience in government cybersecurity to enhance the safety of his clients and meet the demands of modern technology.   

Dr. Foreman is a premier expert in cybersecurity. Throughout the years, he has been involved with several high-level government contracts and grants worth millions of dollars. Due to this, Dr. Foreman has held a number of security clearances.

This includes a Top Secret (TP)  Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) security clearance in the Department of Defense. He also held a security clearance at the Federal Aviation Agency.