Dr. Robert Chad: Re-shaping advanced cosmetic surgical procedure

Dr. Robert Chad: Re-shaping advanced cosmetic surgical procedure

The cosmetic surgical market is scaling up at a significant pace. With the rapid advancement and increasing development in technology social media has leveraged an era where you can see dozens of hair and makeup trends popping up every single week. The same surely be assumed for cosmetic procedures. Equalling with the trend Dr. Robert Chad Deal, a plastic surgeon is the one such personality who is pushing out his limits in re-shaping and re-building a new era of cosmetic surgery with the help of technology and intelligence.

Dr. Chad’s Story of Southern Surgical Arts Practices

Dr. Chad Deal had a practice at Southern Surgical Arts. To describe Dr. Chad in minimal words he is a hard working, determined personality who has shown his incredible commitment to surgical artistry so far. Dr. Deal is certified by the American Board of Surgery (ABS) and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS). Dr. Deal has gained a handsome experience in conducting surgeries and has majorly developed exceptional skills and artistic vision. This helped him successfully marked more than 4,800 cosmetic surgical procedures. 

Southern Surgical Arts is officially led by two of the most renowned cosmetic and facial surgeons in Chattanooga. Dr. Deal and Dr. Nease are the personalities who are reportedly trained and certified along with the recognitions in the field. They both hold a remarkable experience in helping patients achieve a diverse range of aesthetic goals through the application of innovative cosmetic and facial surgery.

Re-developing the cosmetic surgery field

Being a gold player in the field of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Deal’s training programs are considerably a great asset and bring remarkable productivity to the industry. Dr. Deal desires to take the cosmetic surgery field to new heights. Thus, he conducts training programs for the aspiring surgeons across the globe in courses sponsored by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Society of Cosmetic Physicians. As Dr. Deal has been a package of magnificent skills and passion, in his ongoing career he has presented his extraordinary techniques for Brazilian Butt Lifts and Mommy Makeovers since 2011. He proudly owns a recognition for his extraordinary knowledge of body anatomy. The performed a training program in cadaver lab director on New Techniques in Breast and Body Contouring: A Hands-on Cadaver in St. Louis, MO.

Awards and achievements of Mr. Deal

Since he settled in Southeast Tennessee, he has been recognized publicly for his work. He was selected as a finalist in the Best Cosmetic Surgeon consecutively for 7 years in a row from 2011-2017. He has marked the winning title as the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Chattanooga, TN. Further, he also marked the title of being the Most Compassionate Doctor Award on Vitals.com.

Top Most Plastic Surgeries Performed in the United States

The Allergan APP program selects renowned cosmetic surgery leaders who hold an excellence in performing a potential number of aesthetic procedures including breast implants, Botox(R) Cosmetic, Latisee ®, and more others. Since 2004, Dr. Deal has marked the count of more than 11,500 cosmetic surgery procedures with 100% success.

Specialities and Expertise of Mr. Deal

Dr. Deal is committed to serve the best experience in cosmetic surgery under the certified and experienced surgeons along with the latest technology using in the most comfortable manner. Moreover, he has led an expansion to better serve the patients with complete dignity and diligence. Being passionate in performing cosmetic surgery, he has been providing an impact by enriching and renewing natural beauty to the patients. Dr. Deal is currently focusing on laser technology to get cosmetic surgery more advanced and comfortable for the patients. Moreover, as mentioned, Dr. Deal is also spreading his knowledge to the surgeons and training them with several different aspects of cosmetic surgery including facial rejuvenation, facelifts, and laser technology.

Dr. Deal is a passionate and renowned certified cosmetic surgeon who has been extremely sincere with the work he performs everyday in the field. He believes that all aspiring cosmetic surgeons should have the complete body knowledge to make surgery successful. His sincerity and diligence is remarkably gaining his ambition to help people and give them a change that looks natural and beautiful.